"Come, Gather near
so you can hear
without a trace of fear
the tale of the Mightiest
of the Goblin Kingdoms

The Bloody Apple was a Ur Dur cave Goblin tribe and religion in Kazrrad.


Once upon a time, after a great Invasion to the surface, The Great Goblin was defeated, and his vast armies where dead or spreaded by the damned worms that drag themselves under the opressive yellow-light-that-scorch.

He come back defeated, and so, to face the destiny of these who have lost: But, even when he come alone, he bringed with him a Item so powerful, that the defeat looked like something insignificant in comparison:

The Great and Powerful talisman was collected by the Great Goblin, after a long adventure, from a column of what the surface worms call "woode", where the powerful magic item was hanging.

A Talisman so powerful, like no one was ever seen before by any Cave Goblin of Kazrrad before:


Quickly, the Great Goblin ordered to crimp the Apple to his Iron Crown.
The stupid blacksmith/slave, a surface worm with pointy hears, and his retarded babbling claiming that the fantastic item was a fruit, was quickly discarted, once he finished the vital job for the Great Goblin Empire.

In the long time the Apple was in the Crown, the Empire of the Bloody Apple lived a golden era of prosperity...

But due the sins of the un-believers of the Magic power of the Bloody Apple, the magnificent Talisman of power and prosperity, slowly lost his power, and began to decay:

And since then, the alarmed Hordes of the empire of the BLOODY APPLE, have begun launching several Holy Wars, to recuperate the favor of the Gods and the Holy Apple:

But it doesn't matter how much holy wars, how much blood is spilled by sacrifical knives over the Apple of the Crown, every time they are able to get their hands over again a new re-incarnation of The APPLE, this decay once more, due the unlawful sins of the non believers...

and the circle must began again!