Bog the Barbarian, in his fanciful 'Bog-Man' appearance that exists only in his stories. Bog is not really quite so naked or buff!

Bog Born circa 2390 a.a.H. Tok-Thoria ?, Time and Place of death currently unknown. Possibly somewhere in Polforia post 2440?

A Bog Quote: "I'm half [insert race of listener], you know."

Bog the Barbarian is half-everything and full adventurer. As he is an individual of uncertain lineage, he chooses to be half of any race he encounters--equally! He is renowned for his tall tales of his adventures and stories and legends that have grown up about him. Many stories must be suspect to some degree or another. What is known is that his dreams, bravery and heart is as wide as the horizon!

The Many Bogs[edit | edit source]

There are also more than one 'occupations' that Bog has made his own:

Bog the Adventurer[edit | edit source]

Bog fights for loot and for mysterious thing he calls XP.

Bog often works as a mercenary for the city-state of Zannas. Many irregular mercenaries of Zannas are employed through the city's Adventurers' Guild of Zannas, with considerable regulation. The Adventurer's Guild is noteworthy of registering and evaluating its mercenary members and assigning various categories such as "fighter", "ranger", "barbarian", and "magic user" among others to their members. The guild also assigns various "levels" to experienced mercenaries of proven skill. The Adventurers' Guild is largely an arm of the government of Zannas, and the rulers of Zannas prefer to call these mercenaries "Adventurers" and the jobs that they do as "Quests".

Bog, despite being a "barbarian" took well to this structure. He eagerly uses the Adventurers' Guild system in his travels and adventures that have nothing to do with Zannas. To continue to rise in level is very important to him!

He often rolls dice in order to determine how effective a given skill or action will be in his endeavors!

Bog the Barbarian[edit | edit source]

Bog is mighty (he may say 'leveled') barbarian warrior. He has even repelled attack of werewolfs and turned them away.

Bog has many stories of his many exploits and past. He is a skilled story teller, and as such, many of his tales of his past and exploits should be taken with a 'grain of salt'.

Bog the Lover[edit | edit source]

Bog loves all and every women regardless of their race or appearance, as long they are warmblooded and reached an adult age. It is impossible to say, how many children he had, but stories about it are wild.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early[edit | edit source]

Bog is a mysterious figure to be sure; but, strangely, rather more is known about his early past than might be expected.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Where Bog was born and who or what his parents were is unknown. It would SEEM likely that he is some Human, Kanov, and Kokto Orc mix; but his precise appearance is both strangely ordinary, yet also seems to defy analysis.

It would SEEM that he might have been born on the demon ruled island nation of Tok-Thoria, and that his mother (foreign to Tok-Thoria?) needed to give him up so as he might survive. There is also a tale, likely apocryphal, that he was born as the result of a demon breeding experiment as a side project to create a warrior race, or that his body was intended towards being a vessel for a Soul Stone demon lord. Perhaps, Bog's body was intended for the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria himself, as that demon lord was known as 'the shapeshifter', in part for Nigromancer's body hopping into numerous varied bodies makes this idea plausible.

However, this is currently only a legend. Bog does sometimes seem to have astounding capabilities, he seems to have a more regular body than a typical Kokto Orc mix, but he is not representative of some beautiful or perfect physical specimen in most aesthetic ways.

Childhood[edit | edit source]

It is known for certain that Bog grew up on Tok-Thoria, but the exact circumstances are unknown. It is likely that he was subject to the communal, anti-familial means of raising the Kokto Orcs and most other children on the bleak island nation. It is known that he lived a squalid life, but dreamed big dreams and always wondered what was over the next hill or across the sea.

Soldier[edit | edit source]

Bog would become a soldier in a Kokto Orc unit, or perhaps a 'proto-kokto orc' unit, as the breeding process leading to the so called 'Black orcs' was still underway. Bog's generation might have been the fathers or grandfathers of the true Kokto Orcs, or represented the 'uncles' and 'cousins' side branch cast offs from the experiment? The Kokto orcs that the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria unleashed on south-eastern Aels to plague Uslen, Zannas and even Negeémiliel alike may have been bodies of genes, and mouths to feed, that the demon prince wanted to be rid of?

Bog would father his first daughter, Garra, also known as "Bob", whom he would 'break the rules' by being aware of her, and being some part of her early life. Garra's early life would mirror aspects of Bog's, albeit, her similar choices were hindered by being born a woman. Bog promised Garra that he would one day return for her, a long empty promise that he might one day have kept? Or else Garra found her own way off of Tok-Thoria, but the details of that adventure are unknown.

Zannas Adventurer[edit | edit source]

Deserter[edit | edit source]

Upon traveling to the mainland, Bog would soon desert, having decided on that course of action as he was terribly limited by the wretched if ordered society of Tok-Thoria. He apparently headed towards the nearest major city, which was that of the mercantile port city of Zannas. For someone of uncertain parentage and wishing to let the past go, the port city ruled by the non-human, very capitalistic, Vanolosé orcs made good sense as the independent city-state was accepting towards risk takers.

The Guild[edit | edit source]

Bog would manage to somehow join the Adventurers' Guild of Zannas. Perhaps he worked his way towards acceptance? Perhaps his can-do attitude won over the guild? It is not a difficult guild to join, so long as one can pay the fees and master aspects of the paperwork and structure of the organization.

Bog, for all his supposedly being a 'chaotic adventurer', actually took to the organization's hypocritical meritocracy in its system of advancement and made it his own, outright living its principles. His adventures becoming outsized by his imaginative reports. Perhaps this was borne out of his experience growing up in a bleak but regimented and ordered world? In any case, through the years he would take many mercenary jobs through the guild, and became one of the leading members of the guild by dint of his self-promotion if not actual performance. If nothing else, many legends of Bog would come to be told, largely due to the mouths and ears related to the Adventurer's Guild of Zannas and its many taverns and bounty boards.

Bog would cultivate a large circle of friends and fellows amongst the mercenary 'adventurers'. While he was often discounted as an arrogant, foolish blow-hard for his stories and self-aggrandizing ways; he was seen as a useful member of a team, and worked with several small 'adventurer bands'. He would prove to be a powerful fighter and even a wily negotiator and sneak for all his limitations. He would have many adventures in southern Aels.

Companions[edit | edit source]

Bog would work with multiple teams with multiple members. A very common and consistent teammate was Grimoir D'Aryy who was a dwarven fighter of an almost morose and opposite temperament to the exhilarative Bog. The two might have been opposites in personality, but Grimoir D'Aryy might have been one of Bog's early field bosses, and may have mentored him? If nothing else, he complemented Bog in keeping him restrained enough to keep grounded rather than Bog dying in some vainglorious way. Of course, Bog might have also started his association with the veteran dwarf fighter as an 'eager meat-shield' that somehow never died?

Further known or suspected Adventurers' Guild of Zannas adventurers whom Bog may have gone on missions with, at least in stories:

Team Bunny75 - characters created by deviant Art artist bunny75 .

  • Trunni D'Arry - female Dwarf rogue
  • Bogdurash - female 'human' bard, (whom is really a mixed Kokto Orc from Tok-Thoria who claims to be Bog's sister and a human).

Team Walt-Marsters - characters created by deviant Art artist Walt-Masters .

  • Norlia - female half elf mage
  • Tyvernnik - male dwarven rogue
  • Skaldir - male human bard

Team Animal-Delos - characters created by deviant Art artist Animal-Delos .

  • Tamaria Al'Teron - female Half Elf mage, (whom Bog sees as a male.)
  • Dru Gar'kinarl - male dwarven rogue
  • Celeste Nahalia - female human bard

Team Larqven - characters created by deviant Art artist Larqven .

  • Laral Kaessea - female half elf mage
  • Alan Greensdale - male Human bard
  • Elda Avermont - female Helmed Dwarf rogue

The above teams were created to be part of a 'Companions of Bog Contest' of choosing the best characters to be part of an ill-fated adventure team of Bog's. The stipulation was that the teams had to be of a half elf mage, a dwarven rogue, and a human bard. Some of the characters have appeared as Bog companions in other stories, so some may or may not exist as potential characters in the Bog story.

The characters of Animal-Delos won the contest, and so they were a trio of unseen companions who intersected with Bog in the "Maylara Maltree" story.

Two characters that are known to have shared the ill-fated adventure with Bog in canon are:

The Bog Saga[edit | edit source]

Bog was the first and more vocal story teller of his own tales, which later, thanks to his own self-promotion, will eventually catch on and become a known, popular romance among bards and minstrels, which was later written down, becoming the inspiration for very popular novels along southern and western Aels.

There were some of the more popular tales of Bog the Barbarian:

Bog the Barbarian[edit | edit source]

First of the tales, it's speaks how Bog the Barbarian joins the Zannas Adventurers Guild, and have to help fend off the invasion of the Gorbegeos barbarians.

Bog and the World Beneath[edit | edit source]

Bog the Barbarian, tricked by a Drow spy, is brought to the world beneath to try to bring his doom. But even charged with chains, deep down, he won't lose hope to escape the terrors of the Underworld.

Bog: the Return to Tok-Thoria[edit | edit source]

Bog have to face his own past, and keep the promises long made.

Bog and the Night Terror[edit | edit source]

A Dark Shadow brought terror to the Kanov clans of Polforia, and only the brave hero Bog could help the farmers against the rising darkness hidden in the swamps.

Bog and the Swamp of the Ghosts[edit | edit source]

Deep, Deep in the Swamp of the Ghosts, a tall and mysterious tower stands tall, and under it's entrails, there are deep secrets and dangers... dangers and secrets that are valuable and somebody had to recover, and who else but Bog could venture deep in the dungeons of Billiboncea

Bog, the Boar and the Hind[edit | edit source]

Seeking for adventure, Bog ventured for the first time so far in the northwest, in the weakened and chaotic Degoland as the aftermath of the Sargonic wars. There, he was tasked by the Queen to hunt down for the Great Boar of Koldark, an orc warlord in the mountains of Angards, and rescover the relic of the Brassier of Mesmir and the Hind of Fulmark, a duchess kidnapped by the orc warlord.

Bog and the Children of Wolves[edit | edit source]

Bog the Barbarian, returning from his adventures in the western Five Kingdoms of the Weseuros, he stumbled upon the wild child Pumori of the White Fang, who began following him.

Bog and the City of the Slavers[edit | edit source]

Bog the Barbarian, learning that his protegée Pumori of the White Fang have been captured by the slavers of Roccasone, have to prepare a daring plan to rescue Pumori, and bring an end to the evil of the corrupted city.

The Barbarian and the Demon[edit | edit source]

In a wartorn Polforia as the demon lords of old returned to rebuild their empires, Bog finds himself stranded in Khar-Bad, and it seems he's the only one who can bring an end to the excesses of the demon Ashmadael

Bog, the Conqueror[edit | edit source]

Bog, leading a rag-tag collection of disgrunted mercenaries and adventurers, decides that the only way to bring peace to the world is by his own sword and rule.

Bog and the Necromancer[edit | edit source]

Bog, the aging King of Bogaria, sees the return of his enemy of old, the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria, who comes to destroy all he had work to achieve: it will be up to him to try to stop the dark lord of Tok-Thoria and his ravanging hordes.

The Apocryphal tales of Bog[edit | edit source]

Due to the popularity of the character, there spinned a series of contradictory, apocryphal tales, often with contradictory information.

Bog Saga and the Children of Bog[edit | edit source]

After the final cannon saga of Bog and the Necromancer, aside of the apocryphal tales of Bog, there were some sagas dedicated to the Children of Bog.

The Children of Bog[edit | edit source]

Along the tales of Bog, there are many claimed children of Bog: in fact, many of the great adventurers and warriors that came in the wake of the years that Bog roamed the world of Aiers would either claim themselves to be children of Bog, or be atributed to be as children of Bog by minstrels and bards.

Children of Bog in the Bog Saga[edit | edit source]

Claimed Children of Bog[edit | edit source]

  • Who claimed themselves to be Children of Bog
    • Hortence and Magdalena, Ozcuras Orcpeliers and daughters of Layla the Slayer
    • Anko White Fang the Younger, a half/quadroon werewolf, niece of Anko White Fang.
    • Several Ozcuras of the Swamp of the Ghosts and the dark tower of Billiboncea. Among them, Bogilde.
  • Later attributed to be children of Bog by story-tellers
    • Bogogald de Meerde, heir of King Diego VI The Pretender
    • Bogmadael, Son of Ashmadael, demon-lord of Khar-Bad.
    • Pumori of the White Fang. Some later writers thought it was uncharacteristic the lenghts wich Bog went for the half-werewolf, and so presented the theory that Pumori was logically a child of Bog.
    • Oyvald Traefod, under the same kind of presumptions that all what Bog did for him as a child would be indicative of them being related.

[edit | edit source]

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