Orc Brûmer soldier

Brûmer orc soldier of the forces of the Black dragons of Brûm

B R Û M E R,Cinerus ruber Orcii




Other names: Red orc  

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons  

The Brûmer are goblinoids of the Orc family,originally from the dustlands of Brûm, in Polforia, Aels.  Inhabitants of Polforia, it's unknown either if they settled in the dustlands of Brûm after or before the volcanic eruption of Dol-Nur, that covered these lands in ashes, giving much of their distinctive geographical features to the lands of Brûm.  Either because of settling in such inhospitable lands in Polforia, or for their lands changing to such state, the Brûmer red orcs became militaristic, competing fiercely for the resources with the elves.  However, only with the arrival of the great Black dragons of Brûm, who took the red orcs as their servants-it seemed, they didn't find orc flesh especially tasty- that the orcs, under their Black dragon king, the god Barûm, that they became an important force in western Polforia, expanding over the neighboring lands.  With the arrival of humans and Kanovs in Polforia, the red orcs were displaced in Brûm from many of their privileged positions as the dragons seemed to prefer them.  Later, during the age of Darkness, the black dragons will join the Dark Legion of Demons, and as such so did their servants. And so, with the end of the era of the black dragons, their successors remained in the Dark Legion


The creator of the concepts of the Black dragons of Brûm, Brûm, Brûmer Orcs Barûm and certain other concepts relating to Brûm is the artist fearydistress.

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