Briiza Ralochs by shabazik

Briiza Ralochs investigating the surface ruins

Briiza Ralochs (Negeémiliel, 2382 a.a.H. - ? ) was a Negeémi Drow Acolyte of Negeé and anthropology student at the University of Negeé, on the city-state of Negeémiliel.


  • Tall for a Drow
  • Curious and Intellectual
  • Can Be Single Minded
  • Well Built and Busty
  • Has a Love of Sweets
  • Knowledgeable of Care of Giant Spiders
  • Can Speak the Hebonnor Language
  • Excitable
This is a serious armor by shabazik-d5ptrg9

Briiza defends her ceremonial armor! She is more built than most Negeémi Acolytes


Briiza Ralochs was born to an Acolyte-class family in Negeémiliel. Her family was involved in silk production and had livestock of giant spiders that produced the raw silk that provided the material for the textile products of the myriad weaving shops in the city, collectively known as 'The Looms of Negeémiliel'. Her family profited from silk trade in that the demand for raw silk had increased greatly.
She was assigned to duty in the Temple of Doom, the main temple dedicated to Negeé on the city state of Negeémiliel. Although she belongs to a family aligned with the Senatorials, gets along well with Ved'Lith , who belongs to the Populist.
She is not racist to be a drow and is really interested in the study of other peoples and cultures, reason why her friend sometimes mock her.
She was continuing her studies of Anthropology at Temple of Doom to avoid the military service but, due to the imminent war, was called to march with the Negeémiliel army against the Hebonnor.
During the march was attacked and captured by enemy forces--Hebonnor mountain elf intelligence agents--from the surface, and avoided being executed by the intervention of Neroe Rhedyn who claimed her as a prisoner of war in addition to another captured drow, Hasstin Char'Isstra. The two drow acolytes were questioned by the spies Hebonnor spies and the superiors of the spies. They were kept with the baggage train of the Hebonnor army with other prisoners.
When the Battle of Cilfach turned against the Hebonnor army, Neroe Rhedyn commandeered a horse, and kidnapped the two bound drow as she thought that she could use them as 'leverage' to trade for her friend Maylara Maltree.
The three fled to Maylara Maltree's and Neroe's hometown of Gigfran Nyth where they currently reside. It was discovered via a letter that Maylara had smuggled out of Negeémiliel that she had her own means of escape. So the two drow were released, but they decided to remain as the roads were dangerous for two drow alone and Briiza was fascinated by the Hebonnor and wanted to do anthropological research, which she felt would be invaluable given the possibility of the Negeémi ruling the Hebonnor kingdom.

Current StatusEdit

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Neroe Rhedyn back at home in Gigfran Nyth with her two drow guests, Hasstin Char'Isstra suffering allergies and an excited Briiza Ralochs

"Disappeared during the march of the army of Negeémiliel. Dead? Captured? Defector?"
She currently lives on the surface, in a small village of mountain elves called Gigfran Nyth, where she's completing a research project on them and their culture.
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