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The Immortal Shaman, a long time leading figure in Brukkuthuz, encountering the Drow Trio. He is actually trying to break their chain, he is assisted by a probable daughter of Pecas Wargh

Brukkuthuz, alternatively called Brukuthuz or in other variants, as it hadn't a written orc name and changed in the different dialects, was an Antorian Orc settlement in the plains of Antor, Zarhuy, often regarded as the Capitol of the Antorian Horde, and as the single Antorian Orc city.

While the Antorian orcs were of semi-nomadic nature, they did build semi-permanent settlements, mostly comprised of some huts of various materials and palisades, that they inhabited seasonally, or in some cases, even for years.

From some such settlements, Brukkuthuz was the largest of such settlements, as it had a religious and ceremonial value, having some of the greater and more complex antorian orc structures -often built by slaves-, centered around an oasis that was said to be the First Water of the Antorian Orcs..

While visited by many of the Antorian orc tribes, there was as well a Brukkuthuz orc tribe, that was the one who founded originally the settlement, who even when they migrated seasonally from the settlement, kept the identification with it, rather than with particular chieftains, as was often done by other Antorian orc tribes.

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