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Calintropia (Cyrvian: Kalintropïe), officially the Republic of Calintropia (Cyrvian: Republik Kalintropien), is a federal republic and a landlocked country in Central Aels. It is bordered by Tchivkarus and Cyrvia to the north, Tucrania and Lorthen to the east, Enkel, Marcelooneo and Motzabili to the south and Ruhenia to the west. Calintropian terrain is highly mountainous, but as well has high altitude plains. The western population mostly speak local Barlarian dialects of Cyrvian as their native language, while in the east the Purpurian is most commonly spoken.

The origins of modern-day Calintropia date back to the time of the Hott dynasty, a Cyrvian house, princes of Kalin, that will come to rule over the kingdom of Purpurian after The Cataclysm, at the 2707 a.a.H, founding the Calintropian Empire of Purpurian, proclaimed at the 2713, as Jakob I. Hott crowned himself with Imperial authority, claiming to be the rightful successor of the Holy Sargonic Empire.

The Empire will consolidate in the region -defeating their human and non-human foes- during the War of the Seven Realms, which would see the Empire become one of the great powers of Aels. Calintropia since then played an important role in the Cyrvian and Motzabilian principalties: however, the power of the Calintropian Emperor was weakened by the clashes with the Tork Empire of Cretor, the Tsardom of Trutsia and Nordigen.

The Empire participated as one of the protagonists in the Joaquintopian Wars and later in the Anglasecuarnian Wars.

At the 3238, with the extinction of the male line of the Hott dynasty with the death of Santiago VII, brought to rule his cousin, Maurice I, ruler of Moritania, beginning the short but violent Maurician Wars (3238-3239), as the Moritanian wanted to reaffirm the Empire, violently repressing nationalisms, which sparked conflict with Ruhenia and the UPC.

As result of that war and following peace treaties, Östria was given independence from the Empire and was formed the Hidraulic Alliance, participating in the Tris-Tigris-Hidraulic War.

With the death of Emperor Maurice I the personal union of Calintropia and Moritania ended at the 3264, with the empire facing a quick collapse, with the independence of Polakia (3264), Tchivkarus (3266) and Hettrutsia (3269), which led to the final collapse of the Empire.

The Republic was proclaimed and after a referendum, Östria joined as a federal state Calintropia. (3273), which will become a member state of the MW.

Today, Calintropia is a parliamentary representative democracy comprising nineteen federal states. The capital and largest city is Lile. Calintropia is one of the richest countries in the world. The country has developed a high standard of living.