The Car'Haadhook War was a conflict fought between the Dark Legion of Demons and the Car'Haad between the 2183 and the 2188.

While largelly ignored by the humans at that time, this war is said to have delayed about 15 years the demonic invasion that would become the First War of the Power, and that severly depleted the flyers and aerial power of the Dark Legion before the First War of the Power.

History Edit

The Car'Haad, self-proclamed Guardians of the Sky, where already weary of the dispositions and preparations of the Dark Legion, and how they had made alliances with some monsters and creatures that attacked the travelers in the mountains, so that the Car'Haad hunted, to keep the mountain paths accesible.

However, the incorporation of larger flocks of Polforian Harpies to the Dark Legion of Demons, while reporting a very useful edge to the legions of the black banner, added a new dimension to combat -the sky-... and as well, predisposed the traditional enemies of the Harpy bird-people, the Car'Haad grypho-people, against the Dark Legion of Demons.

Battle of Entartea Edit

The Car'Haad attacked a massing army of the Dark Legion in Entartea at the 2183: the Dark Legion army, attacked from the air, will be disbanded and largelly destroyed, suffering heavy casualties.

As reaction to this, The Dark Legion tried to boost their sky forces, extending the Dark Legion to further flocks of harpies and other flying creatures at the 2184.

Battle of Mondwarg Ded Edit

Car'Haad phirric victory at the 2185: other demonic army was destroyed, but Car'Haad suffered heavy casualties.

The Car'Haad still tried to attack Dol'Nur and "cut the head of the viper" of the Dark Legion, but in their desperate attack of the demonic fortress, they will suffer a heavy defeat.

Siege of the Sky-Halls Edit

During this war, Succubus General Pukunta was in charge to siege and conquer the Skyhalls at the 2187, the capitol and fortress of the gryphon people, the Car’Haad, after their failed assault on the dark tower of Dol-Nur, in their war against the demons.

The army of Pukunta was composed of harpies, gargoyles, flying demons and dragons, around the number of 50.000 of them against 6.000 Car’Haad defending their fortress, but with the death of their commander during an assault, her army disbanded.

The Dark Legion had suffered heavy casualties and their sky forces where depleted, but so was the case of the Car'Haad.

Aftermath Edit

The war ended in a stalemate: the Car'Haad had lost their offensive capabilities, and could on longer guard the mountain paths as they had done before: in the same way, due the incurred losses of their sky forces, the Dark Legion couldn't reach the most innaccesible fortresses of the Car'Haad.

The loss of most of their Sky Forces will severly delay the Dark Legions plans of invasion, and during the First War of the Power they will only use in marginal roles their flyers who hadn't been completely reformed since the Car'Haadhook War.

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