The Carileón, Leeuwgezicht or Lionhead Guard was a mercenary company and the personal Guard of the Degoland kings during the Five Warring Kingdoms Period (XX-XXII century) during the Dark Age of Demons.

Along the forces of the Five Kingdoms, it was unique in nature, being the only force of Beast-peoples within these realms during the time period.

While they would become rather famous -or infamous, depending of the perspective-, the origin of this mercenary unit composed of Leonid Loranors it's largelly unknown, as there wasn't left many records of it's origins. 

History Edit

It must have originated in the mid of the XX century, but the specific reasons have been lost, it was formed an unit of Leonid loranor infantry from some of the remaining Leonid nomadic groups in eastern Barlans to fight for Degoland. Some suggest that maybe the origins can be as shallow as the Kingdom of Degoland -who used in their heraldry three golden lions-, wanted some fearsome Standard bearers. This is discussed by the scholars.

Some of it's first mentions are already during the first Sargonic-Degoland War of 1974-2004 a.a.H, and they would be often be accounted for within the Degolandic royal armies, serving as the fearsome guard of the King of Degoland, composed of a professional infantry.

After the first Sargonic-Degolandic War, the Carileon will come to be the personal guard of the King and in the city of Derei, largely replacing the human guardsmen. 

Originally only a mercenary outfit, as they had the honor of being the King's guard the contracts extended beyond service, granting pensions to the retired Carileon guards, who will settle in special barracks in Derei -sometimes with their families-.

The children of these Carileones -either full blooded Loranors, or as well half breeds- took the trade of their parents, becoming the Carileon Guard a family business.

Extremly loyal to the King of Degoland, they proved to be incorruptible to palace intrigues -but some said, the once fearsome nomadic warriors had become weak and lazy in the cozy barracks provided by the Degolandic kings.

The Carileon Guard will meet it's end at the beginning of the First War of the Power (2203-2223 a.a.H) in the Battle of Degoland, where the Degolandic armies stood alone against what would be the beginning of the demonic invasion of the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest. The Guard fell defending the King -and after he died, to recover his body-, and the last remnants will be dispersed in the sack of Derei.

During the Demonic occupation of the Five Kingdoms, some accused that some Carileones sided with the demons -and some even accused that they had betrayed Degoland even before, having causing it's swift downfall-. While this wasn't proved -and probably the loranors serving the demons where of nomadic loranor tribes instead-, after the First War of the Power, the Carileon Guard won't be reinstated.

Some scholars however point that the Leonid clans and later Loranor Kingdom in eastern Aels -in the forests of Nubla- had several cultural elements and concepts linked to the Five Northwestern Kingdoms, suggesting that it would be the work of former Carileones guards, but so far there haven't been decisive clues to proof a link between the later Loranor Kingdom and the Carileón Guard.

One longer lasting heritage of the Carileones will be several degolandic nobles and knights to have some loranor-human blood in their veins, as the De Rays -family of the famous marshall De Rays, defender of Millbridge during the Second War of the Power.-

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