Caruzimb, officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Caruzimb, is a country located in southern Zarhuy. It is bordered by Suadabria to the south, Thilien to the west, and Rohnion to the north.

Some of the oldest evidence for Kanov has been found in Caruzmimb, which is widely considered the region from which the Kanovs first set out for northern Zarhuy and points beyond. Tracing its roots to around the Late Elfic Age or the Age of Invasions -as there is discussions if the Kanovs appeared at the same time as humans or before- Caruzimb was a monarchy for most of its history. During the XXII-XXVI centuries, the Kingdom of Caruzimb maintained a unified civilization in the region, and while later it will be heavily fragmented in warrying kingdoms, it will be followed by the by Caruzimb Empire circa 2337 a.a.H, that will last up to the XXX century.

Caruzimb is a multilingual nation with around 106 ethnolinguistic groups. Most people in the country speak Kanov languages of the Carute branch. It is a land of natural contrasts, with its vast fertile valley, jungles, and numerous rivers and mountain ranges. Caruzimb's ancient Car'uz script, also known as Caruzic, is the oldest Kanov alphabets still in use in Aiers. 

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