Dark elves are a self-given name, in opposition to the Light Elf.

General DescriptionEdit

The "Dark Elves" have darker skin tones, of hues of various tones of greys, blues and purples. Most dark elf races (but not all) are, on average, shorter and more slender than light elves.

Dark Elves and Light ElvesEdit

Lists of races of Dark Elves usually include the Neroz, Zuleis, and Wollumis categories of races, and sometimes including other categories of elves. Very inclusive lists of Dark Elves, (and exclusive lists of Light Elves). only have the races of the Rossnes category of elves being considered "Light Elf" races. As might be expected, the terms are highly subjective as to which race does or does not belong to elves that are "light" and "dark". See Elfkind

Naturally, light and dark elves consider the other to be the "evil" or "wrong" elves. The terms often being used in a pejorative fashion against other.

Zuleis and High Elf AnimosityEdit

It should be noted that much or most of the use of the terms are between the Zuleis races of the Hake and Flairie against the High elves of the Rossnes category due to the various and long-running wars. In particular, the High elves warring with the Hake Empire in continent of Ushaenor that led to its dissolution in favor of the High elven Empire of Whide Axis. Also, there was the fall and subjugation of the Flairie nations in Aels to the same Empire of Whide Axis during the High elves's expansionist, colonial period.

Other Dark Elf Rivalries With Rossnes ElvesEdit

In a wider sense, other "Dark Elf" races like the Drow or Wollumis tribes, will often fight "light elf" Rossnes peoples such as the Hebonnor or Sylvan elf, or Wild elf folk. But it should be noted that the drow often war with other drow nations, and wollumis tribes savagely fight with anyone who so much as enters their territories, so animosity based on skin color isn't a constant.

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