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General Relationships of the various demons

Demons, or daemons, collectively known as daemoni are beings of immense power and inscrutable origins that emerged from far beneath the ground under Mount Satanmet, beneath the southern Aelsisland of Demonatch They would seek to claim their seemingly natural positions as masters of the world by unifying the races dispossessed by humans, the greatest threat of the daemoni.

Demon classificationEdit

The demons are classified in the following way:

The demons seem to have been divided in three main groups: The Demon Lords -or high demons-, the demons, and the lesser demons. The classification of demons is based on several criteria.

Demon Lords:Edit

The Bazrrod who were divided in the first, second and third hierarchy, the demons of fate and shape-shifters.


Lesser DemonsEdit

Demon SoldiersEdit

As you see, these are the 'demon-demons'.

Sub DemonsEdit

Aside of them, there existed other demon-related groups:

Half Demons, (Cambions)Edit

Sometimes the werewolves and vampires were classified as such, but it was discussed. Some more commonly accepted are creatures as the Quag, a breed of werewolf with a warg, unable to shift forms. Cambions and other demons born from the union of a demon and other non-demon were as well half demons. While there existed Cambions descendants of incubi, succubi and werewolves, it was discussed if could exist cambions of other kinds of demons. Dudres were supposedly demons who take over women in an act of possession, but is unclear if it's myth, only servants of demons, or demons who adopted the form of other non-demonic races for infiltration purposes.

Demon creationsEdit

Monsters, Abominations, Golems, creations, Naga (the construct version). These are difficult to quantify or classify.

  • Demon server races created by the demons as the Uniox Goatmen, Hattak Fauns, Draconians, Ozcuras and Kokto orcs, Ur Dur Goblins, Zarapongo, Driders, Sergdraak dragon men, among others. They are divided between those that have a magical aura and those that do not.

Those Demons Servers with faint demon aura magic:Edit

Demon Servers Created by Sorcery, but are Not Demons:Edit

Of the demon servers, some others are result of breeding and demonic magic, but have no demonic attributes

Daemoni Created by the High elvesEdit

As has been shown, in all origins of demons, in some way, requires the use of artifice and sorcery to manipulate the soul-shards and manufacture or otherwise grow the bodies needed for the demons to inhabit. So given enough time, effort and magical research, it shouldn't be surprising that the Golden High elves of the Wizards of the Coast, of the City of Mages, Dahl'Haran, should work out the principles of the process, and manufacture daemoni of their own using captured soul-shards.

Perhaps the most important creation that the Wizards of Dahl'Haran created was the Battleborn. A race of creatures made by the High elves of the Empire of Whide Axis from captured (and artificially produced) soul-shards to be used against the demons of the Demonic Dark Legion. The Battleborn looked like angels so as to psychologically counter the demonic appearance of the Daemoni in the minds of the allied humans, and probably to try and improve the standing of the High elves to the human populations of Aels and elsewhere.

See Demonic Dark Legion.

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