The Dwarves are originary from northern Hieyoks, but they later migrated to Aels, Zarhuy and the underworld of Kazrrad.

They are renown for being the founders of some of the oldest civilizations, they blacksmith and mining habilities and their crafts.

Often, they are divided in two groups, Duergar and Dwarven. However this difference reside mostly in different language types and cultural differences, which was caused largely by geography and the Sea of Caritz dividing them in northern and southern groups, and the scarcity of routhes between north and south Kazrrad has divided the dwarves in their social evolutions in northern and southern dwarves. In general, the dwarves of northern Hieyoks and Aels are called dwarfs, while the ones of southern hieyoks and Zarhuy are called by their northern brethren as Duergar -they call themselves as well, dwarfs.- Sometimes, the dwarves of Gmonia are designated as Gmones or Gnomes as if they were a separate branch. See Gmonian Dwarf.

The dwarves live about 200 years, having a rather long childhood of about 20 years, and being considered a Dwarf an adult when turning around 50 years. In general, dwarfs are shorter and stockier than Elves and Human, but among the own dwarven nations there are significant differences.

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