Gods are beings that are worshipped by those peoples capable of abstract reasoning. They might be hypothetical beings that exist as a concept, or perhaps as a 'mana battery' created by belief and worship, or possibly very real beings of power such as the demon lords known as the Bazrrods or certain mighty dragons.

Still, just existing and possessing some undeniable measure of power is not sufficient to be considered a god. Certainly many individual spell casters exist that make no attempt to make such a claim. Only those beings that are believed to hear prayers or otherwise influence the mortal or natural world and worshipped by some group of people are considered as gods.

They might be the 'Great God of the Books' as in Christianity and Islam for example, two religions brought to Aiers by the Human people from their Sky Age. They might be any of a number of pantheons of the indigenous peoples of the planet of Aiers IV. Again, they might be some powerful being who has set themselves up as gods.

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