Humans were not always native to the World of Aiers. Humans were a mysterious people that 'came from the skies' and set down and built strange cities in the continent of Zarhuy. Orcs native to Zarhuy massed and attacked these cities--with only shocked survivors to return and tell rambling stories of fireballs and thunder. Of death from metal sticks.

The Arrival of Humans would be remembered in their annals and means of telling time as the Year 1 After the Arrival of Humanity. (or After the Apparition of Humanity)(a.a.H.).

The High elves of the Zarhuyican colonies set there by Empire of Whide Axis also investigated the "Sky People". They lived up to their names, with metal chariots that could move themselves, of great metal birds that flew the skies, and cities of astounding, gleaming towers. Those High elves that traveled to see these mysterious people called "Humans" would return with stories to tell: they learned that the Sky People had a special magic called "Tekkno-loki" which allowed them to do what which the greatest elven mages could not do.

The Empire of Whide Axis resolved to investigate directly, but soon the entire world of Aiers was embroiled in a time of great disasters, of earthquakes and tsunamis. The great elven civilization of the Empire of Whide Axis was faced with natural disasters on a scale beyond any in their histories. All attempts to investigate the strange stories from the southern continent of Zarhuy were forgotten.

Then, about a century after they arrived, the cities of the Sky People would suddenly ignite with flashes brighter than the sun, and towering balls of flame. Hence, the humans found the disaster that their arrival had seemed to be heralded in the seemingly natural disasters that rocked the world of the time. The humans that remained would spread out from their former cities and lands, only saying that their lands were filled with death, that would kill any who stayed or wandered in. They still had some of their great "tekkno-loki", but it was now lessened, and faltering. There came a time, many years later, that they had no more working examples of their "tekkno-loki". To the elves that saw them, they were little better than thin and weak cousins of Orcs.

Stories of their great magic and the arrival and miracles of the "Sky People" passed into legend, and largely forgotten. Often by the humans themselves.

But the Humans weren't done. In time, tribes of the mysterious and tough humans called the Kanov, would slowly, but surely advance across the world, pushing the native peoples aside. The thinner and taller humans themselves would often come behind them, colonizing the land themselves and fighting their Kanov brethren in their turn. Slowly at first, but with growing momentum, the Kanov and Human peoples would explore and set roots throughout the world of Aiers in an "Age of Invasions". Invasions of Orcs, often pushed aside looking for new homes, or exploring from positions of strength, of Kanov, and of humans, these three races often pushing against and running from each other. Eventually the two branches of humanity would become the dominant races in the world, and then, the more slender humans would eclipse their tougher kin.

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