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Given the Violence of Polforia, the Porfiros Kanov Were a Grim People

The Kanov people are a tough, sturdy people who were at the forefront of the explorers, invaders and migrants of the Age of Invasions following the Apparition of Humanity. As they struggled to make the world of Aiers their own, they would often be at odds with their fellow humans in competition for similar niches. They were often a warlike people, able and willing to face severe competition and unspeakable horrors with equanimity. The human domination of Aiers would have been more difficult without them.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Typically, a Kanov is bulky, of a heavier bone structure than other humans and the attendant thicker muscle mass, this makes the average Kanov physically stronger and tougher than the average human. Also, most races of Kanovs are shorter limbed and bodied, so Kanovs are not generally very tall, but have good leverage for hefting weights. Also, they tend to have long skulls, with projecting faces with big, strong, features.

The Kanov people are of grey, brown or black skin, brown or black hair, black, brown, red or golden eyes. The Kanov have more facial and body hair than the other human races, sometimes with thick body hair and males having enormous beards.


It is difficult to make broad generalizations about the Kanovs because it is a broad ethnicity with nearly as much variation as the rest of humanity.

Adventurous and CompetitiveEdit

With their variability in mind, the Kanov people tend to be adventurous, warlike, antagonistic, and competitive, often with a distaste for a higher authority. They were not at all a sheepish people. They tended to be highly patriarchal and warrior-centric, but their women were commonly armed and capable warriors as well in the defense of homes and farms left behind by men marching in campaigns.

During the Age of Invasions period, these would be good qualities to have, indeed, the Kanovs were a big part of the invasions of humans that would occur following the 1rst Century a.a.H. The invasions and conquests of the Galawkey orcs in Aels being largely undone by the Kanov. Other human ethnic groups would find the Kanov hard foes to have, and would largely demonize them as a result, the Kanov were successful for a long time.

Lesser OrganizationEdit

The Kanov would lose out in later centuries due to the greater organizational development of other human societies and the demon race. The Kanov were somewhat more likely to be shepherds and spawn barbarian groups for lack of a central authority. They tended to have isolated farms where other humans would have villages, and the Kanov would build towns where other humans might build cities. As a result, they didn't often generate advanced learning or technical development, but would learn from others as the global technological development increased.

There were many exceptions to this, certainly the Kanov/Human empire of the Caliphate of Blazakhov was one of the mightiest empires on Aiers, in both military and trade, and for a long time would be at the forefront of the world's science and technical advancement.

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