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A map of the races that inhabit Kazrrad beneath the surface. Be aware that sometimes these races might be found on the surface as well. Conversely, they may well live deep beneath the ocean floor!

Kazrrad is the name of the collection of subterranean galleries, caverns, tunnels and mines that lie beneath the land and sea of Aiers. Kazrrad is the iconic home to various races and monsters, and an avenue to travel beneath oceans, to other continents, and to emerge and vanish unexpectedly from the seemingly solid ground.

Description of KazrradEdit

Kazrrad is a network of galleries and tunnels, many are natural, many have been hewn out by the races that live there, others were formed by some unidentified and undefined primordial race that inhabited the planet of Aiers hundreds of thousands of years previously. Sections of the tunnels are well formed, with inexplicable super science that lights up the ceilings in sections of the underworld. These sections have proved to be remarkably stable and resistant to damage and ground quakes. Tunnels and galleries dug out or carved out far more recently are much more fragile. Especially those created by goblins.

Nonetheless, these three categories of caverns, the natural, those done by the old world builders, and the recently and crudely carved, are linked together and act as the underworld of Kazrrad. The races that live here explore for safe places to live, ecosystems to tap, and routes to get from one place to another. It is not surprising that Kazrrad is not a bright or productive place to live, but it is large and bountiful enough several races, many civilizations and millions of individuals call it home.

Geography of KazrradEdit

Networks of tunnels and nodes of caverns and galleries lie largely beneath the continent of Aels. But the deeper tunnels lie well beneath the shallow, narrow seas that divide the continents of Aels, the northeastern continent of Hieyoks, and the southern continent of Zarhuy. The underworld beneath the bottom the waters may be quite habitable as well, a great node of habitation exists under the sea between the Uslen Peninsula in Aels and the continent of Zarhuy.

Geographic ExtentEdit

How deep and how far Kazrrad extends has not been fully defined, except that it is known that the system is not planetary wide. Even so, the network links three continents, with tunnels that extend far inland in both Hieyoks and Zarhuy; it is known that civilizations from Kazrrad emerge from the ground halfway down the continent of Zarhuy. Both far flung and deep, far out to the western ocean, great tunnels lay beneath the deep ocean bed and extended out hundreds of kilometers. The Abyss of Doom is known to extend twelve kilometers beneath the underground metropolis of Negeémiliel, some 10 to 11 kilometers below sea level. This reputedly "bottomless" pit was found to go down 12 kilometers, and still be habitable at that depth.

Kazrrad also extends up to a great extent. Major tunnels and galleries are to be found following all the major mountain ranges of Aels. In particular, the Nohalion Mountains of Aels, and the Blazahkov Mountains and the mighty Kaiehm Mountain in Zarhuy.


Light is very scarce in kazrrad, but it can be found in some of the artificial galleries carved out by the unknown World Builders. Water might also be rare in some places, but abundant in others. Certainly many crevices allow melt water to run down into this underworld naturally. Also, civilizations have obtained supplies of spring water as well, storing it in vast cisterns. fresh and sea water has flooded many caverns as black, sunless seas, geothermal heat will boil billions of liters of water, some of which will stream up and condense as fresh water in chambers far away.

Bacteria, lichens, algae, and strange, exotic sunless 'plants' like the goblin potato grow in many places in kazrrad. Vertebrates like lizards, and cave fish might be found where there is water, and are readily farmed in ponds set aside for them. Invertebrates like humble millipedes to giant spiders are more readily available for consumption or use. Even so, vertebrates like the bipedal and quadrupedal Dragonids (small dinosaur-like reptiles) exist to be harnessed or consumed if need be.

Races and Civilizations of KazrradEdit

Several races inhabit Kazrrad, Four main ones are the four "D" races: Demons, Draak Hargs, Drow, and Dwarves. The demons are highly flexible, and not truly flesh and blood as normally understood, able to survive in far harsher conditions in kazrrad than the other races. Draak Harg "dragon-men" have a better capability of depth survival than the remaining two races as well. But the dwarves and drow are still likely to be found kilometers below the surface, and often butting heads in competition for resources.

There are also the goblinoids races. Various goblins of Aels and orcs have always lived in the underworld of Kazrrad of course. But they were always minor races in terms of degree of civilization and numbers. That changed after the First War of the Power, when the Dark Legion of Demons had created the Ur Dur Goblins. The Ur Dur quickly multiplied, for that was their ability, to give birth in litters, and they expanded across kazrrad, becoming known as "cave goblins'. Additionally, The Nigromante of Tok-Thoria had also bred the Kokto Orc, or "black orc", the remainders of a deserted legion of these orcs would also come to live in kazrrad, along with future deserters.

Hence, Kazrrad would become a more dangerous place, and the fragile ecosystem would be further strained by the multitudes of Ur Dur goblins. Indeed, their threat would challenge militaries and change politics amongst the drow and dwarves.

Here are a list of races--and nations--that inhabit kazrrad, either exclusively, or only partially. Sadly, the list is not yet fully detailed.
Drow civilization sia peiran by shabazik-d2yqa3p

A female and male of Sia'Peiran, who have adopted manners from the Blazhakov Empire

Drow NationsEdit

By the Middle Human Age, the Drow Nations of Kazrrad Where:

Dwarf NationsEdit

Hero s return by shabazik-d4fcqad

A Nortunk Dwarven father and daughter

Normally, the Dwarven cities where called either a Dwarf Fortress or a Mine. The Dwarf Nations in the Middle Human Age where:


  • The Bloody Apple
  • Iron Jaw
  • Stone Fist
  • Broken Column
  • Hettes
  • minor goblin tribes


  • Draconia
  • Abilia
  • Seuconia
  • Mercania


  • Dol-Nur
  • Tempo-Katzoine
  • Hortann
  • Tok-Thoria

DARK ELVES (Hakes) NationsEdit

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