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Orcs of Polforia

The orcs are Homo Elvii of the Goblinoid family, and generally, they are described by Elven accounts as bruttish, aggresive and repulsive. Is fair to point out, orc accounts often say such things of elves as well.

Like the rest of the Goblinoids, the orcs doesn't have maná.

Orcs of ZarhuyEdit

The Orcs are originally to Gronkav, in southern Zarhuy, and from there, they migrated to the north, across Zarhuy, Aels and Hieyoks.

In Zarhuy, can be found the Green Orc of Gronkav and Kaiehm, the Giant orcs of the plains: the Antorian Orc, and in the shores of Caritz, the brown Vanolosé.

Orcs of AelsEdit

The orcs arrived to Aels from Hieyoks, settling in this continent the Green Orc of Kaiehm and Polforia and the red Brûmer Orc. Later, settled as in the southern shores, the brown Vanolosé Orc and a tribe of Antorian Orc, the Schlobohmi Orc

During the Age of Invasions, arrived from Hieyoks to northern Aels the Galaw High Orc, who in Aels will become the Galawkey.

The demons of the dark legion as well will breed new orc races, such as the grey Ozcura Orc, and the black Kokto Orc. These last ones, due the wars of Tok-Thoria, will settle for some decades -and even centuries- in the shores of the sea of Tok and Caritz.

Orcs of HieyoksEdit

In the continent of Hieyoks exist two races of orcs: the smaller Servants of the Giants, the Hieyoksmainer Orc and the High Galaw High Orc , but there would be settlements along the shore line of Vanolosé Orc.

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