North Ushaenor (Some words on map are in the Spanish)

USHAENOR: is one of the continents of the world of Aiers.

Settled in prehistory by Hakes and High elves, later that was where the elf wars began, and after the Hakes' defeat, from where the High elves and their Empire of Whide Axis tried to conquer the world, until the Apparition of Humanity and the Age of Invasions.

Later, humans migrated to the territory, but like in central and south Zarhuy, their dominance wasn't absolute (until colonists of Sargos arrived in Ushaenor).

Humans from Sargos would develop their own kingdom of Na'Sargos (New Sargos) in the east part of North Ushaenor. The elves of the Empire of Whide Axis would allow large numbers of humans to settle there as a result of the early losses of the human kingdoms during the First War of the Power. Many of those human refugees who arrived on Ushaenor would never leave and those of Sargos founded a de facto Sargos colony and which grew into a human kingdom.

Golden High Elves (an ethnic part of Whide Axis) would retain control of the north-west of North Ushaenor.

Silver High Elves (an ethnic part of Whide Axis) would retain control of the south-west of North Ushaenor.

South Ushaenor (Some words on map are in the Spanish)

Other various subsidiary realms of the High Elves' Empire of Whide Axis would continue to rule in the central and the eastern part of South Ushaenor. Ethnically, these lands would also include Darhake populations of various numbers.

The three remaining realms of Hake elves of Alesdale, Asbaran and Fadions would still live on in the western part of South Ushaenor.

The damages of The Cataclysm would change things badly for everyone, but would effectively mark the end of overall elf dominance of Ushaenor.

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