Cavrest drows by shabazik-d48l1h7

Warriors of the Sordcoopri Cavrest drow. The large male warrior in the back is characteristic of these drow

The Cavrest system of caverns was a series of tunnels and caverns of the Underworld of Kazrrad, located under Demonatch Island, being an underground pass that united -under the bottom of sea- the Underworld under Aels and Zarhuy.

In the northern shores of the island of Demonatch, in Sordcoopriya bay, the access to the Underworld is called the Cavrest system of caverns, which are an important underworld trade route to connect Aels and Zarhuy: Aside from the own ecosystem of the Cavrest system.

Sordcoopri Cavrest drowsEdit

The Sordcoopri Cavrest drows is a drow culture of the Underworld of Cavrast, from the region of Cavrest.

They are supposed to be descendants of either northern or southern drows, the carvest culture was quite unique to the near Ched'Hihrin, Sunner or Sia'Peiran cultures.

A collection of very small settlements and palaces (difficult to even call them City-states for their organization) the Cavrest drows were as well matriarcal: ruled by women, who control all the assests of power, meanwhile, only for being born male, the drow man were slaves.

This sort of gender inequality, of slavery of a whole sex to other isn't unheard of, as for example several Sunner tribes practice it: However, is how the Cavrest raise their males, that was so different:

In the small villages and Cavrest palaces, when a woman gave birth to a male baby, they were confiscated by the ruling house, as they were recognized to be a slave, property of the matron who ruled their settlement: Soon, the young boys would be taken away from their mothers: each and every last one of them is considered the property of their home city's rulers.

Cavrest drow light infantry by shabazik-d4cic68

Sordcoopri armor, perhaps influenced by the Demonic Dark Legion?

Shortly after being confiscated from their mothers, they were brought to the city's main garrison or palace for rigorous training in martial (and in some cases) sensual arts. Day in and out they were molded into living weapons who can list off and enact hundreds of ways to kill by venerated male warriors who have survived to the twilight of their lives, all while having a vicious loyalty to their home city and more importantly their queen drilled into them.

It is from the control of the male populations of an area that Cavrest Drow mistresses were able to gather funds and enforce rule of law over their subjects, as they not rented out their male slaves for breeding purposes, but train them from birth to be killing machines.

The training was quite brutal, and it was said that for every 20 Cavrest drow women, there was just one Cavrest man who reached adulthood and was available for reproduction purposes: the training, infanticide and the widely extended practice of neutering ensured this, as well as strict control of the population and the females.

When the young males reached the age of 30 - roughly a equivalent to the biological human of 15 years old teens-
they were accepted into their cities main military and were assigned full duties in the armed forces which included guard duty, breading duties for those who've earned the right or can afford it, and as guard d' corps.

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Sordcoopri cavrest males (the armored man on the right) are bred to be abnormally tall and large for drow. Athal Cheylrra and his sister Ivoÿn of the Drow Trio are in the foreground

The scarcity of available males, meant for the Cavrest drow that there were female warriors as usual amongst the drow, but what was not typical was that the female warriors were seen as the common and expendable infantry, in front of the elite male forces:

To solve the sometimes tyrannical designs of a matron, it turned more frequent than with other drows the relation with other -male- elves, which supposedly could explain, along with the selective breeding, the abnormality of the Cavrest drow of having taller males rather than females.

However, this same system brought the condemnation of outside societies to the Cavrest drows: The few breeding males selected were often of a family, and were fathers of many other drow males and females: however, incest will happen, and in some generations, this was expressed in terrible ways for the Cavrest drow:

As well, the strict control over the population, meant that the population as well wasn't very dynamic, that the population was older than other drow nations, and not only that, but it became stagnant and even was reduced:

All of this produced in the end, that the Cavrest drow fell under the influence of the Vampires of the Dark Legion of Demons, and were forcibly incorporated into it -meanwhile other drow nations were able to resist first and make pacts later with the demons-, with only some palaces escaping this destiny, to become prey of larger drow empires, as the Sia'Peiran or the Negeémi: To these Sia'Peiran or Negeémi drow, the idea of the male warriors was as unheard of, romanticized, abhorred or hated, as with several human cultures and the human Amazons.

Physical Transformations by Genetic SelectionEdit

Drow elves are among the smaller categories of elves. Elves in general have a reduced sexual dimorphism of sizes relative to gender than do humans for example, the individual sizes between individuals, which is not great, is more important than that of gender. The Dark Elf people further reduce this difference, indeed, females might come out of greater height than the male gender. With the drow, this difference widens, and there is no question in that females are significantly and statistically taller and larger than the males of their elf category.

This drow tendency makes the large degree of sexual dimorphism of the Sordcoopri Cavrest drow all the more remarkable. The extreme practice of segregation and breeding of large, physically powerful males has completely reversed the normal drow tendency of females as being larger than males. Male Sordcoopri Cavrest have the most pronounced sexual dimorphism ever to be seen in elves, being statistically much larger, as in both height and most certainly in weight, than the population's females due to this inbreeding and selection of large males.

The Sordcoopri males have a stature that is exceeded only by the tallest High elves and a few other very tall elf races such as the Northern Snow elf or Anqueael Elf. They are not just tall, but are heavily built for elves. Sordcoopri females are statistically among the largest of the drow women, but the males are not only larger than other drow, but are a drow population physically larger than most types of elves, even if they are not the tallest.