Centauride mare by shabazik-d640m0n

A centaur mare -or Centauride or less commonly, Centauress- of the plains of Northern Polforia

C E N T A U R, Kéntauros

Race: Centaur

Class: Centaur

Species: Beast People, Creation, Demons

Other names: Κένταυρος, Kéntauros, Sintar, hippocentaur, Toxotes, Sagitta

Allegiance: Independent


The Centaurs have a a disputed nature: while some claim them to be a member of the race of the Beast Men, others point a demonic origin due their conflicting nature and anatomy.

They appear to be a melding of the humanoid and equine forms, with a humanoid torso emerging from the shoulders of the equine form. There is presumably duplicate and secondary internal organs for the two torsos, and some which are singular, such as the digestive tract.

Centaurs are significantly smaller than the average horse, but their humanoid bodies, particularly their mouth, esophagus and airways are considerably larger than many humanoids in order to provide for a much larger primary body and the energy and oxygen such a large and mobile body would require.

They come in multiple colors, their skin being a range of tans and browns, and their hair and coat being highly variable with a range of coppers, browns and reds.


As said, Centaurs have a disputed nature -and a disputed origin. 

While they are present in many myths and chronicles before the Apparition of humans -such as in the Unnline-Centaur war of the Middle Human Age and some High elven chronicles-, often these are disregarded by lack of archeological remains. 

The dispute around their origin is extensive as well to where the first centaurs appeared: some say they came from the Steppes of Hieyoks, from where they migrated during the prehistory into Zarhuy and Aels, settling always in the great plains. Others point them instead -as a demonic creation, or at least with demonic black arts- to have been created by the Black Wizard during the Wars of the Wizard during the Middle Elfic Age, using as base for this the records of the Unnline-Centaur war between Unnline and Sementauro, a confederation of Beast People allegedly lead by centaurs.Other historians that discredit the Sementauros to be centaurs -but instead, other beast men creatures-. Other authors say they are a demonic creation- to have been created by the historic demons during their invasions of the southern Dumian Empire and while the Dumian-Demon Wars. when they attacked the northern Dumian empire from the steppes of the Barlans, and only afterward would settle in Hieyoks. 

Whatever their origin was, it will be during the Age of Invasions and after the Apparition of Humanity when they numbers will began to decline.

Because of this, the Centaurs almost disappeared from Aels and Zarhuy, with the exception of some clans, with only the centaur communities of the great steppes of Hieyoks remaining unaffected:

Before the First War of the Power, Aelian centaurs largely served the Dark Legion of Demons.

After it, they became largely independent and by the Second Dark Age they resisted demonic rule -and were pursued as well by the demons-.

Because of this, the Centaurs almost disappeared from Aels and Zarhuy, with the exception of some clans, with only the centaur communities of the great steppes of Hieyoks remaining unaffected.


Centaurs are thought of in many Elven -and later human- myths as wild as untamed horses, barbarians and monsters, having tales of them being man (or elf) eaters.

The Centaurs were of nomadic nature -and later, semi-nomadic-, dedicated to be gatherers and collectors -and later, they domesticated cattle. They were herbivorous, but later--due to cultural adaptation--they have become omnivorous (however this diet give them problems).

Most of their tools were of stone, bones and wood, learning very lately -during the Dark Age of Demons- the use of metal: but as they didn't make mines, they only used superficial minerals or collected from rivers, preferring to get metal tools from trading.

Being nomads, they didn't have cities or fortresses, and if they wanted to build something they used wood, and tree branches.

Neither did they have a written language, but due to commercial relations and influence of some near peoples, several tribes of centaurs learned about writing, using foreign systems and languages rather than their own for writing: Instead, they preferred to use oral traditions, memories and poems to transmit their culture and traditions.

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