Charles IV (11 November 2197 - 10 July 2259 a.a.H) was a monarch of the House of Valere who ruled as King of Huncle from 2226 until his death in 2259. The second son of Charles III, he became the successor of the throne upon the death of his elder brother in the Battle of Polforia, in 2220.

He began his reign in the turmoil caused by the First War of the Power as the traditional power of Huncle was tried to be reinstituted after the seventeen years of demonic occupation.

In his late rule, his authority will be challenged by the peasant uprisings of the Rivierie, being forced to sign the Pacts of Christmas at the 2258 a.a.H, that conformed the Commune of Öster Gate.

He will die in a hunting accident at the 2259 a.a.H and there was a succession crisis, between the regent Charles le Gros, Phillipe II Vautur and the king of Sargos, Martin the Conqueror. Philippe II will ask for help of Sargos to seize the crown, and to suppress the peasant rebels of the Rivierie and the Commune of Öster Gate.

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