Chechoslovakia, officially the Commonwealth of Chechoslovakia, was a Zean country comprising a small territory in western mainland of the Zean continent and some smaller islands. It was comprissed of three states, Chechoslovakia, Felonia and Fernikleinen, and had as a single neighbouring country Ozeancik.

Chechoslovakia became independent at the 3208 a.a.H, and at the 1 Januart 3228, Chechoslovakia annexed Felonia, and as was created Fernikleinen, they formed the Commonwealth of Chechoslovakia.

Since Federation, Chechoslovakia had maintained a stable liberal democratic political system that functioned as a federal parliamentary democracy. However, this system suffered severe strain with the expansion of the goblin population, moment in which it became more and more exclusive, to only allow political power to humans.

Chechoslovakia, after the Forth World War of Aiers, will annex Ozeancik at the 3300 a.a.H, and as was claimed the Ozean Empire, Chechoslovakia became the capitol of the empire.

During their 92 years of existence, Chechoslovakia went from some rural lands to a highly urbanized area, and after the discovery of the goblins of the remnants of Kazrrad, it will become the largest megapolis in history, covering all the national boundaries and being the country with the largest population of the world -a largelly non-human population compossed of Ur Dur Goblins-.

Chechoslovakia was a developed country and one of the wealthiests in the world, and had a big dichotomy later with the development index between the Goblin and the Human population: while the humans had the second-highest human development index, the Goblins lived in the worse conditions. 

Chechoslovakia was a member of the UVA and other aierian organizations.


Ozeancik by the 3100 a.a.H, was a series of crown colonies of Joaquintopian Sargos, which was receiving extense Aelian migration, as they seeked the expansion of their Zean colony.  That's why in the Calintropian Empire, after the failed secessionists attempts of Tchivkarus from the empire, a large number of Tchivkarusian-krakavians emigrated, being one of the destinations Ozeancik, a nation that covered much of Zean and was looking for inmigrants.

Most of the Tchivkarusian inmigrants where settled in an arid territory in the west of Ozeancik, where soon the inmigrants will outnumber settlers of other ethnic groups, existing as well a series of classhes between settlers and the colonial authorities.

As more of the former rebels of the failed secession arrived, they will begin to form an idea of creating an independent Tchivkarus, even if not in Tchivkarus itself, free from any foreign influence.

As the situation deteriorated in the colony, the civil unrest will come to be a full out independence war, known as the Ozean War, that lasted from the 3206-3208 a.a.H, which result in the independence from the Joaquintopian Sargos of the Republic of Chechoslovakia and the Republic of Felonia.

Chechoslovakia will since early have an expansionist drive, and as soon they had secured their independence against th Ozeanciks, they annexed Felonia, and then they began an imperialist expansion in Hieyoks and Zarhuy.

They will later found the UVA alliance -which will bring them to clash with the MW in the Third World War of Aiers, the MW-UVA war-. While defeated, this didn't stopped the imperialist dreams of Chechoslovakia, who will once more time reasume their imperial expansion, which will be largelly boosted after finding remnants of the underworld of Kazrrad and the Ur Dur cave goblins, who for centuries had been isolated underground.

With the base of the goblins as a quickly expanding, seemingly inagotable workforce -and as cannon fodder- Chechoslovakia will be fighting a series of brutal wars in Popoa against the Ruhenians, Catan and Guzmanita against the Bazik and the Zean islands against the GOFFY, movilizing seemingly endless armies against their enemies.

They will later conquer Ozeanzik, but will present it as an union rather than an anexion, and will call themselves as well as the Zean Empire of Ozean, taking part during the Fourth World War of Aiers or the Pentarchy War. Since then, Ozeancik will be one of the main Aierian powers. Ozeancik will launch an important space program, and as was lost all contact with Aiers by the space-bound forces after the Fifth World War of Aiers, the checholsovakian settlers will finally found Spotzen, known as well as the United States of Spotzen (EUS).

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