The Kingdom of Chegarb (Sargonic name, known as well as Tschegarn and Tschegarbia in gorbegean and Finadan for the high elves of the Empire of Whide Axis) was a realm established by adventurers of the Gorbegeos Kanov in Central Ushaenor, at the 2460 a.a.H.

History Edit

The Pirates of Gorbegea Edit

Lugan and Nepper Kanov pirates had a long history of sailors, attacking and raiding the shores of central Aels and reaching to the Alan Isles, being known to be a danger to the inter-Alanean oceanic trade, but for the most part, due to their bases of operations, they menaced the trade in the eastern Alan Ocean.

Traders began to prefer northern routes, out of the traditional reach of the kanov galleys, which forced the kanov pirates to adapt in use larger, more sea-worthy ships, often with patronage of the Gorbegean kings, who took a share and interest on these depredations: these not only put again in their reach the trade that had moved to the north, but meant they could reach as far as the Ushaverican shores.

As result of the profitable Ne'Sargonic-Weseurian trade of the 2430s and 2440s, more and more pirate vessels and captains sailed to the western Alan, preying on the Ushaverican shores.

The Dark Legion of Demons, realizing the kanov pirates were one of their better cards to hit the naval dominance of the Alliance of the Whide Axis in the Alan Ocean, will send advisers and funding to the Gorbegean pirates, so they embarked in larger ventures, arming the Kings of Gorbegea and the Great Kanov Lords of Gorbegea, Nepper and Barcan large pirate fleets.

But during these long range raids of pirates and slavers, sailors began to see the opportunity of the scarcely populated Ushaverican shores, and how there was an opportunity, aside of piracy.

Smugglers will make an appearance, and as well traders in the decade of the 2450s. In these long range voyages, sometimes the pirate or trading ships had to wait out the storm season in Ushaverican shores, and Kanovs began to make temporary bases... Some of which will in turn begin to be more permanent.

Settlers from Gorbegea and the Barlans, hearing the stories of the free, vast lands of the west, will begin to take interest, while the lords of Gorbegea began to imagine ports and bases in Ushaenor to further extend the range and size of their depredations. And traders calculated the profit to be made with elven trade.

At the 2460, arrived at the Sea of Skable a fleet of 23 ships and over 1400 Kanovs, who came this time to settle down.

As they landed in the stony, easily defended peninsula, they proclaimed the foundation of a new kingdom, and chose among them -the captain of the expedition- their new king: Sergherai the Hairy, youngest son of the king of Gorbegea.

The Kingdom of Tschegarbia (2460 - 2521 a.a.H) Edit

Sergherai the Hairy was quick to set his people to work. A fort was erected, palisades were built, shipyards and ports prepared, while the first farmers began to claim the land for themselves:

Before the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis could react, they had already a thriving Kanov colony on the sea of Skable, and Sergherai began to receive more reinforcements of pirates seeking a safe haven and traders and smugglers also sought his port.

The fragmented High Elven Empire, without an emperor since the First War of the Power in the long interregnum of the Empty Throne, who in the past had failed to stop humans from settling their shores and had been humiliated by Ne'Sargos time and time again, weren't in a position to expel the new Kanov settlers, so it will fall instead to the Ne'Sargonic and the Ushaverican humans to try to eradicate the Kanov colony.

While the Imperial Diet of the Whide Axis banned trade with the kanov, smugglers knew their way, and the same with some elven traders who defied the ban of both the Imperial Diet and the Ne'Sargonic. The Kings of Tschegarbia, seeing the opportunity that meant challenging the law of men and elves in Ushaenor, received with open arms all sorts of outlaws and outcasts of Ushaenor: soon, there was an important minority of elves -high, ashen and doroz- and humans -aelian and ushaverican- living among Tschegarbia. These outcasts and outlaws said that only in Tschegarbia could be true freedom in Ushaenor. The elves began to call Tschegarbia Finadan, the "Land of the Hairy Men"

Despite piracy declining after some sound defeats of Gorbegean pirates by the Ne'Sargonic fleets and the establishment of patrols and convoys to protect their trade, smugglers gave way to Tschegarbia becoming part of the Ushaverican trade. No longer the pirate fleets menaced Ne'Sargos, but tax evasion of trade they had come to held a lucrative monopoly.

The clashes between Ne'Sargos and Tschegarbia, with minor players being the high elven principalities and human realms of the Ushavericans of the Whide Axis of the region were fought mostly along Momb, Keuta and Huen.

One of the most successful campaigns waged by Ne'Sargos against Tschegarbia resulted in the conquest of Tschegarbia by the Ne'Sargonic and Holy Sargonic Imperial Forces at the 2521.

The Lordship of Chegarb (2521-2538 a.a.h) Edit

Under Ne'Sargonic rule, the kingdom of Tschegarbia was incorporated to the Sargonic crown as the lordship of Chegarb -Sargonic adaptation of the name-.

At the time of the conquest, there would be a series of excesses against the kanov population, and the embassy of the Dark Legion and all the ones with demonic blood were purged, in a process that continued in witch-hunts.

During the independence of Tschegarbia, aside of the official Dark Legion demon cults -of limited popularity-, Tschegarbia had been housing and serving as a safe haven for all sorts of heterodoxies of Christianity prosecuted by the Ne'Sargonic among the Ushavericans, and many of the local Kanovs had converted to these local variants of Christianity.

Ne'Sargonic outright banned Demon cults for everybody, and to the Kanovs the expression of their traditional beliefs and Vakkism was respected, but they cracked hard the heel on the heterodox, which indisposed the local population, who had enjoyed religious tolerance.

Replacing the thalassocratic Kanov oligarchy, the new Sargonic landlords imposed a new tenancy of the land, which tended to the creation of great properties in contrast to the small farms owned by free men of the Kanov, with many of the farmers becoming serfs. These economic reforms will as well be resented by the local population.

The Kingdom of Chegarb (2538-2557 a.a.H) Edit

Despite the loss of Tschegarbia against the Ne'Sargonic, many of the Tschegarbian merchants that escaped the fall and their associates from across the Alan Ocean weren't ready to renounce the lucrative inter-Alanean trade, which they tried to continue.

Due these endeavors, they attempted to found new settlements in diverse points of the western shores of northern Ushaenor during the decade of the 2520 with little luck, as imperial fleets were quick to act to uproot the kanov attempts.

Only at the 2536 a.a.H, a permanent base was founded for the Kanov in one of the islands out of Chegarb.

The new settlers, having secret contacts with the peoples of Chegarb and using them as spies learnt of the the malcontent, and began to plan to take over Chegarb once more.

The eruption of a peasant revolt at the 2538 a.a.H -either caused by the Gorbegeos, or that caused the Gorbegeos to intervene-, will be followed by the landings of gorbegean kanovs. Coming as liberators, they enjoyed popular support, and many times the rebels, after ousting the Ne'Sargonic nobles, opened the gates of the cities to the Gorbegeos.

As a symbolic gesture, they proclaimed the restoration of the Kingdom of Chegarb, but didn't elect a king, as this was understood as a colony of the crown of Gorbegea. As well, was retained the Ne'Sargonic name, in use by the now majority non-Kanov population.

After securing Chegarb, they proceeded to march further at the 2540, conquering Keuta from Ne'Sargos and forming alliances with the Ushaerian enemies of the Sargonic kingdom, forming the Kadralor Confederation with the Likkan Empire.

This will be the casus bellum for the later War of Ne'Sargos (2546-2560 a.a.H), war that had a dramatic turning point with the conversion of the Gorbegean monarch to Karentian Christianity at the 2557 a.a.H, and Gorbegea becoming part of the Holy Sargonic Empire.

Losing the support of Gorbegea, the Ushaerian colonies of Gorbegea were thrown into disarray, and coordinated defense was halted.

By treaty, Gorbegea handed over Chegarb to the Holy Sargonic Empire.

The Imperial Province of Chegarb (2557 a.a.H) Edit

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