Cidhaen IV the Cursed was the Emperor of the Elves of the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis (450 - 558 a.a.H). During his reign, the Whide Axis had to deal with the collapse and loss of the aelian and Hieyoker territories of the empire that happened during the rule of his antecessor, and was challenged by the attacks and loss of Zarhuy realms from the Empire first, and then had to deal with the influx of elven refugees and later, maritime invasions by the human sea peoples of the Momb.

Already facing a difficult situation with the external collapse of the Empire, the influx of refugees will create an internal crisis in the 'elf continent' of Ushaenor, which will be exacerbated by human coastal raids -that led to the depopulation of many eastern shores of northern Ushaenor- and the outbreak for the first time in the history of elven Ushaenor of a plague, as either by the Mombs or the Refugees came the Curse of the Doroz.

Unused to such challenge, the Empire of Whide Axis was deeply shocked, specially as the Emperor Cidhaen IV himself, after defeating a Momb raid and saving a group of enslaved elves, fell himself to the sickness, dying from the Curse at the 558 a.a.H.

To avoid a total political collapse of the empire as the capitol in the Whidean Halls was being abandoned in terror, the sick Cidhaen IV wrote from his deathbed letters to the electors, to choose his chancellor as next emperor of the Elves, to deal with the situation: his successor will be Azra'l I.

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