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Claw Silver Moon in wolf-person form as of 2440 a.a.H

Claw Silver Moon (Unknown date, Silver Moon clan territory, unkown date) was a werewolf chieftain, alpha, and officer of the Dark Legion of Demons during the Second War of the Power.


Claw was the adopted son of the alpha couple Grim Silver Moon and Lyca Silver Moon. His true parents were unknown, as he was found by Grim and Lyca in the woods as a baby, shortly after their own cub was stillborn. No other weres were found in the vicinity of the cub.

Although somewhat reluctant at first, the shaman accepted the cub as a member of the clan, after a divine test (which Grim made sure, baby Claw passed).

Claw was a lean, tall and handsome werewolf. Not bulky nor hairy like most of his fellow werewolves. He had a very distinctive birthmark on his chest in the form of a wolf head, which is even visible in wolf and werewolf shape, by a discoloration of his black fur.

Because of his somewhat different looks, he very often prefered to go through life in his werewolf form, feeling a bit ashamed over his human appearance. In the same way, he hid his "speech impediment" which allows him to speak in normal full sentences and to use correct grammar, instead of the often primitive way his fellow werewolves speak.

He was a skilled and intelligent fighter, but despite that and having bad premonitions, could not prevent his warriors to walk into a trap during the Second War of the Power. His pack was badly mauled and he himself quite seriously wounded, but they were saved thanks to the intervention of a combined Ozcura/White Fang werewolf pack.

Here, he met Pumori White Fang, alpha of the White Fang, who was soon to become his mate.

Second war of the PowerEdit

During the Campaign of Sargos in the 2440 a.a.H during the second War of the Power, the Silver Moon clan suffered a crippling defeat, which forced the survivors of the clan warriors to join forces with the White Fang clan.

Making use of experimental herbal mixtures and ointments, developed by alchemists, Sargos knights managed to hide their scent completely, making the Silver Moon werewolves virtually blind. Despite bad feelings and premonitions that sent him on various solo reconnaissance missions, Claw couldn't detect his enemies either and was unable to persuade his war-band to change course. They were ambushed in the middle of a forest, their own natural habitat. Despite fierce resistance, they would surely have perihed, if not for the timely intervention the White Fang, led by Pumori of the White Fang and an Ozcura Orc war-band, led by Pumori's half sister Pumne.

Despite the successful rescue, the Silver Moon warriors were in a very bad state. Most of them had died and almost all the others were wounded in some way, including Claw. From that moment on, what was left of the Silver Moon War-band merged with the White Fang for the remainder of the war. Claw remained in charge of his men, but recognized Pumori's authority as overall commander and alpha of the combined packs.

Their first joint mission, after Claw's recovery, was tracking down and eliminating the Sargos alchemists who had developed the scent cloaking ointments. During this mission, the flirting that had began during Claw's recovery, turned into a real relationship and Claw and Pumori would remain mates for the remainder of their lives. After they had destroyed the ointment, the formula and the alchemists, they continued their campaign in service of the Demon lords.

Although the Silver Moon pack could ill afford even more losses, they fought loyally and bravely at the side of their White Fang compatriots. After the defeat of the Black Legion in the Plains of Sargos, the packs retreated with the other surviving demonic allies and armies. They crossed the Dargoina Mountains and entered the highlands that were Claw's homeland. Only one in five of the Silver Moon weres that had left returned home. Claw's father Grim approved of the union between his son and the brave and famous alpha of the dreaded White Fang. Nonetheless, he was hesitant to allow his son to formalize the bond with Pumori, as it would mean that he would leave at least for some time the territory of the Silver Moon Clan. With so many werewolves gone, he needed every were at his disposal and in particular his brave and generally respected son. Already, there was talk among orcs and ogres to break the old ties with the Silver Moon Clan and no longer recognize their authority or pay tribute.

Pumori soon understood the problem and negotiations began. It wasn't long before an agreement was reached and a permanent alliance was forged. A significant number of White Fang werewolves would remain in the Silver Moon territory and help garrison their mountain fortress, better known as the Cauldron, to make sure orcs and ogres didn't get any ideas. It would keep the Clan safe until enough cubs had grown old enough to take over. In exchange Grim recognized Pumori as first alpha of both packs and agreed with his son becoming her mate. The result was that both packs, although remaining separate in name, became quite mixed and as long as Pumori and Claw lived and long after that, would be ruled as one. Especially after Grim laid down his position and Claw became alpha of the Silver Moon Clan.

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Claw Silver Moon is a character of Walt-Marsters.

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