Corooscopia is the sixth planet of the Kharazi star system, 57.7. Its an inhabited Gas Giant. The largest satellite of the Gas Giant -that's homonimous with the planet- it's settled, being an independent, unalligned free colony..

The colonization of the Moon of Corooscopia began at the 3387 a.a.H, after the Jauna Zeme Colonization Company bought the colonization rights from the CONMI, who had dropped their settlement interests because while a lucrative moon, rich in stornkoldio, dangers in it's extraction made it too costly to be profitable.

The JZCC struggled to make the Moon of Corooscopia a profitable venture until the 3398 a.a.H, when they made a contract with WK.CORP. Using robots, droids and augumentations in the colonists, finally it was achieved profitability and the colony thrived.

However, by the 3411, a prophet began among the cyborgs and heavily augumented humans a nihilistic, cybernetic religion, that quickly spread.

With the independence of Jauna Zeme from the EUS at the 3417 a.a.H, Corooscopia followed the example. However, the government rule of the oligarchy will be quickly overthrown by the Cult of Machine in the Corooscopian Civil War (3418-3419 a.a.H).

After this, the Cult of Machine began a teocratic government under the rule of the Eternal Prophet, becoming increasingly isolated due to it's policies regarding A.I, cybernetic life, robotic and cybernetic augumentations, banned elsewhere.

However, key for the production of Stornkoldio in New Kharazi, it keeped commercial relations with the sector, specially closer to Jaunā Zeme.

Corooscopia it's known as a hub for illegal robotic development -banned elsewhere-, and as a field test place for development of Artificil Inteligence thanks to the support of the Eternal Prophet.

Since the Civil War of Corooscopia, the Moon it's mainly populated by cyborgs and other cybernetic lifeforms.

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