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Cyrti Burnt Paws, famed warpack Alpha during the Kanovhook wars

Cyrti Burnt Paws (? - 1810 a.a.H.) was a Werewolf noble of the Burnt Paws, officer and leader of a Harasser pack under the banner of the Dark Legion of Demons during the Kanovhook wars, and leader of the Pride of the Wolf movement.

Cyrti Burnt Paws was born in a noble werewolf family during the Kanovhook wars, but will have a conflictive youth, that will put them at odds with the ruling werewolf oligarchy, reason why she was send to command an Harasser Pack in the front. A capable commander, she was able to lead her forces in hit-and-run strikes in the Campaign of Western Konolardia against the Konolardos Kanovs, being crucial in severals victories that will lead to the conformation of Mondwargh, but as well, will deepen her issues with the ruling werewolf nobility.

That's why she later played a pivotal role in the Pride of the Wolf movement, and was responsible for the ambush against the Shapeshifter Lord Firnsternis. While the assassination attempt was initially unsuccesfull and claimed Cyrti's life, it did lead to the dissolution of the werewolf Nobility as well as the fall of the Kingdom of Mondwargh. As such, Cyrti would later be viewed as a pivotal figure in the history of Werewolves.

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Cyrti will have a long lasting influence on the werewolves of Mondwargh, as she triggered a socio-political re-estructuration of the newly founded werewolf nation of Mondwargh, being as well a symbol of pride on werewolf customs -in front of foreign customs, even of non-demons-.

However, while her history will be remembered as a legend, in legends and werewolf childrens plays, she will become a werewolf male instead, and much of the actual history of Cyrti will be lost in the werewolven oral tradition, until post-cataclysmic times and some historical studies, that re-instaurated the figure of historical Cyrti over the legendary one.

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