Cyrvia (Cyrvian: Zirfland), officially the Federal Republic of Cyrvia (Cyrvian: Bundesrepublik Zirfland) is a modern human nation of Aiers. It is a federal parliamentary republic in western-central Aels. Cyrvia is the major economic and political power of the Aelian continent and a historic leader in many cultural, theoretical and technical fields.

Cyrvia will only be unified as national country after the Anglasecuarnian Wars at 3155 a.a.H, as a direct result of the Conflict, as previously it had been divided in a multitude of smaller countries of Cyrvian culture. However, the United Cyrvia was a "little Cyrvia", led by Nordigen, that had excluded several Cyrvian nations as Badheen -who formed with Alailë the Gastronomic Empire, Christophenia and the Calintropian Empire.

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