The Kingdom of Dalath was a Golden High Elven realm of the Empire of Whide Axis on the plains of Antor in Zarhuy during the period of High Elf imperialism.

Warring kingdoms, carved from the wars with the Antorian Orcs, as they were defeated, the small high elven kingdoms often fought each other, and while the Empire was strong, they kept the petty wars in check. But this was changed by the arrival of humanity and the Age of Calamities that it brought.

At first, cut off from the Empire in Ushaenor, with traditional trade routes endangered, the seven kingdoms of Antor tried to keep their power by taking it from the others. Among the petty wars between the Seven high elven kingdoms of Antor, one of the most successful ones was when Dalath fought and won a war with its chief High elf rival state Aranië in the Dalathi-Aranië War. While was established a protectorate and a personal union of Aranië and Dalath under the Crown of the king of Dalath, The king of Aranië, King Haer escaped with his family, many selected courtiers, soldiers, and many of those courtiers' servants.

However, Dalathi direct control of Aranië was short lived. After the untimely death of their king in a banquet, the personal union of Dalath-Aranië was broken, and Aranië nobles proclaimed a new king, beginning a new series of Dalathi-Aranië conflicts, while the enemies of elves gathered on the horizon.

The realm was destroyed by Antorian Orcs during the Age of Invasions.

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