Degoland Pass by Shabazik

Degoland Pass (in red) through the Dargaoina Mountains

During the pre-cataclysm (see The Cataclysm) era of Aiers, the Dargoina Mountains were a great mountain range that curved in northern Aels, bounding the large region of Aels known as Polforia.


General DescriptionEdit

The Dargoina Mountains are a fairly tall and wide range of mountains, that ran from northern Aels to the south, and then bent sharply towards the east, then joining with the Northern Nohalion Mountains. This served as the western and southern borders of the unfortunate land of Polforia. As Polforia was a huge land that was low in elevation, the mountain range acted as a lip for the geologic bowl. The mountains were very important as a source of rivers going into, or the lands outside, of Polforia.

While not in the tallest or most rugged categories of mountains, the mountain ranges were broad enough to make travel through them inadvisable for those not well skilled in living off the land or finding their way though isolated mountain trails.

Retreat across the dargoina by shabazik ddb9kzr-pre

The Ozcura, Reevan the Jester with a warband retreating east from the Huncle Marches across the Western Dargoina Mountains into Polforia. The mountains were not an absolute barrier and often served as a means of retreat or refuge for those raiding the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest

Names of Regions of the MountainsEdit

The north to south segment in the west was sometimes referred to as the Western Dargoina Mountains. The Segment running from west to east known as the Southern Dargoina Mountains.

Mountain PassesEdit

Traversing through the mountains was difficult, and on the western north to south section, could only be done for wagons and large convoys through the Degoland Pass from western Polforia into the Osorio Valley. The Degoland Pass was very important strategically as a result of this.

Further north, the Oster Gate was a mountain pass that traveled from Western Polforia into Huncle, a Five Kingdoms of the Northwest kingdom north of the Osorio Valley. The pass was also important as it also allowed large convoys and wagons. This was also a pass of considerable strategic importance, but was considered a pass of much lesser capacity than the Degoland Pass.

There is also a mountain pass in the Southern Dargoina Mountains that goes from southern Polforia to El Yermo that can also accommodate an army. However, while of some importance to trade convoys, there are no well settled lands on either side of this pass, so it was not normally considered very valuable.

In the Second War of the Power, the Dark Legion of Demons split their massive united army into large components, a southern branch made a long journey through this pass, then marched to Erenian where ongoing battles were fought, towns were besieged and taken and sacked, and then moved up into the joined kingdoms of Sargos-Degoland to join the main force that pushed through the Degoland Pass for a shorter journey.


The Dargoina Mountains were a formidable wall that were credited for keeping the problems in Polforia contained in Polforia. Nonetheless, they garnered an evil reputation in folklore and history for being mysterious, and for humans wandering into them and never returning, or getting lost and starving before finding one's way back. But mostly, for fear of the monsters and barbarians that would wander in the mountains, and would sometimes descend the slopes to attack human villages; for instance, Werewolfs were known to wander and traverse the Southern Dargoina Mountains regularly, and light warbands sometimes would make raids from the mountains or flee into them to escape. Even so, such events normally were more a subject of legend and folktale fear than events that were experienced by most humans or elves.

During the Second War of the Power, Dark Legion warbands proved that with sufficient planning and motivation, even small armies with some equipment could make their way through minor passes even in poor conditions. The mountains suddenly not being the nearly impenetrable wall they had previously seemed.

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