The Dark Elf King (2466-2676 a.a.H), whose true name was Zarg'Adhuul, sometimes known as Zarg'Adhuul the Pact, the First of the Zaghäli Elves: He was known as well along the drows as Zarg Vrinn, and among the Hakes of Ushaenor, as Zargio Uvilia. He was the second and last Dark elven king of the City of the Wicked of Zaghäl, and is considered the most powerful elven sorcerer in history -the second one, if the Black Wizard is considered to be an elf.-


  • Acclaimed Symbol of Dark Elf Unity
  • Arrogance
  • Elf of Near Unprecedented Power
  • Extreme Ambition
  • Youth
  • Political Genius
  • Backstabber



Conceived during a demonic ritual and born under signs of the black arts from the union of the exiled Negeémi drow queen Phaere Vrinn and Uvilia of Alesdale, a great Hake sorcerer, he was the signature that served to seal the pact between the Hake Dark Elves and the Dark Legion of Demons -often being considered his birth the foundation of the city of the Wicked, Zaghäl which will actually materialize later.


Under the first Dark Elf King -Uvilia-, the Hake city of the Wicked suffered military failures against their light elven enemies, which eroded the position of King Uvilia and his co-regent, Queen Vrinn: to regain the confidence of the demons -and their continued support-, the Hakes of Zaghäl sought to expand politically from a single Hake state in Aels into a wide confederation of dark elven states, and for this to happen Zarg'Adhuul was crowned as king of Zaghäl, with his parents renouncing to the throne -becoming a Father King and Mother Queen, remaining as close advisers-.

Early ActionsEdit

The young king, crowned at the 2510 a.a.H, son of the union of drows and hakes, trained by the demons and already known for his deep magical potential, being already one of the most powerful -yet young- elven sorcerers in Aiers, was a symbol of the union of the Dark Elfs.

Under his rule at the 2511, Zaghäl made alliances with the drow, the Anqueael Elfs and as well the demon light elven servants, the Blood elfs.

The confederated dark elven armies marched to the High Elven city of Lorthen the following year (2512), laying siege to the High elves for six years, while their ruler continued his formation as a sorcerer: however, the siege was broken due disagreements between the dark elven commanders, internal power struggles in Zaghäl -a coup orchestrated by Zarg'Adhuul's father and the Hake elite that came from Ushaenor- and a minor defeat in the gates of the inner citadel of Lorthen, made them abandon the siege.

In the bloody purges that followed, Zarg'Adhuul secured the throne and made the City of the Wicked bend only to his will: and as he rose in power, were being born from the Hake-Drow alliance the first truly Zaghäli elves.

Rise in Demonic RepublicEdit

The young and ambitious sorcerer, having secured Zaghäl will as well tighten his grip over the northern drows and the Blood Elves, using intrigue and ploys, while at the same time he rose in the ranks of the Dark Legion, being accepted as an equal to the Bazrrods-as once before the Dragongods had been- in the Senate of the Demonic Republic: while this was a defunct, powerless institution, it was an important symbol:

Part of his meteoric rise to power in the Dark legion was thanks to the tutelage of Satman, becoming the Dark Elf King known as one of the closest officials to Satman in Polforia, serving as his ears in the demonic senate.

While it's unknown the degree of involvement of the Dark Elf King in the failed attempt of Satman against Saatan, he escaped the purge of the Satmanians, playing a double game where he secretly helped hide some of the Fallen Knights and followers of Satman -to become his own tools-, while betraying and giving to Saatan the ones who could be an obstacle to himself.

Contest to become Second in CommandEdit

With the banishment of Satman, the rank of second of the Dark Legion was open, and the ambitious Dark Elf King will rise to make a claim for it, fighting in the War of the Four Black Kings at the 2535-2539.

Defeated by the Witch King of Dol-Nur, he will then bow to Anutkahook, opening the doors of Olga's Wall in the Southern Dargoina Mountains to the Nutkian armies, which left Polforia open to the eastern demon.

With the victory of Anutkahook, the new second to Saatan himself, the timely change of alliances of the Dark Elf King meant his autonomy was recognized, but he will be never fully trusted by Anutkahook.


The most poweful of all elven sorcerers will meet his end in the Destruction of Zaghäl in the midst of The Cataclysm, when he tried to perform a ritual in the higher temple to save his city, at the end of the Third War of the Power

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