The Dark Legion was a colloquial name given to the Dark Legion of Demons and the Confederation of Free Peoples: depending in the context, could mean the armed forces of the demons, the organization of the demons or the territories and nations under the Demons, as well as vassals and allies.

As a political termEdit

The "Dark Legion" was, as stated above, often used to describe the entirety of the world run or allied to the Demons. Although, in periods of successions, such as when the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria declared independence, the Dark Legion might be more accurately used to refer to the demons serving under the central control of Saatan and Satman.

As a Military UnitEdit

The LegionEdit

It might possibly refer to an individual, numbered legion, the legion being the basic, individual component of the demons' military, usually divided into five subunits, each called a Banner.

LEGION: -6.000 (varies from 4.000 to 21.000 warriors)

BANNER: -at least 4 in a legion, 1.200 (from 400 to 2.000)


A legion might consist of any of a number of demons and races.

Major DemonsEdit


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Demon Server or Demon Allied PeoplesEdit

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