The XIII legion of the dark legion

The XII legion led by the masked Army General in a unknown battle

Dark Legion XIII Starkhua was a Dark Legion levied by Satman in the 1448 a.a.H. The legion symbols where a human skull -the enemy of the demons- and a jester hat. The legion appears to have still been in existence near the end of the Third War of the Power, dissapearing during the cataclysm.


Under the Early Dark LegionEdit

Dumian WarsEdit

The XIII legion was founded by Satman during the 1448 from levied allies and vassals of the demons -mostly green orcs, human barbarians of El Yermo and Kanovs-, giving the command to an unknown general during these times. His legion was very differnent as well. consisting of unknown soldiers that are not found in the myths and legends. During these times the XIII was unknown and was'nt in many battles

Under the First Dark LegionEdit

During the Kanovhook wars (1711-1869 a.a.H) the Dark Legion XIII Starkhua was detached first in Dol-Nur, taking part in the campaigns in Morod, such as in the Battle of the Fields of Morod at the 1721 a.a.H, against Görodar the Blackhand, taking part in the campaigns of Iztah, Polforia and Ded. However, due the compossition of forces of the XIII Legion, with vassals and mercenaries, the moral of the unit was low, and due the kanovs in the ranks, the loyalty of the soldiers sometimes wasn't complete.

Around the 1800 a.a.H, the Masked Army General assumed the control from the XIII Dark legion. Due the problems faced by his antecesors, he ditched the use of mercenary soldiers and levied allies that the other generals of the Dark Legion used as well, trying to constitute a spirit d'corps among his forces, which consisted almost exclusively under his command by Ozcuras and Uniox. Fighting againts the Korkor first and Nurandios later.

In the preparations done by the Dark Legion for the First War of the Power, the Masked General used extensive training and displine in his legion, adopting as well much heavier equipment, armament and armor than other ozcura-bassed formations. During the First War of the Power, The XIII gained popularity by being in many battles, and winning them as well during the demonic phase of the conflict, fighting against the north-western human kingdoms.

The XIII was detached to the occupation of the northwestern human kingdoms precisely during the final phases of the First War of the Power, and with the fall of Dol'Nur, they abandoned the occupied human lands and retreated in order to the mountain range of Dargoina, while other remnants of the dark legions disbanded.

Remnant of the Dark LegionEdit

While most of the legions of the dark legion disbanded, or the remnants that where scathered claimed to be the sucessor states of the Dark Legion, beginning a era of two centuries of chaos in Polforia, with the destruction and sacking of Dol-Nur the XIII was left without a home. Having retained their fighting strength, this remnant was perceived as a treat to humans and elves that where trying to settle in western Polforia -and as well, to some of the remnant kingdoms of the dark legion-, so the XIII was pushed eastwards, until finally the Masked General will join with the remnants of his forces to Entartea, realm of Tulkhu. There they adopted the use of Durogons beasts to be rided. His legion gained fame again as well under the service of Tulkhu.

Under the Reunified Dark LegionEdit

Second War of the PowerEdit

When the Great Demon Lords where liberated from their exile at Mount Demonach and the remnants of the dark legion where reunified in a single banner, the XIII legion joined the ranks once more, growing the legion as well to it's full strenght and size, rather than the under-mannered state in which was during the inter-bellum. They gained even more fame and fortune from successful raids, battles, and sieges. He lost a lot of battles as well.However, during the War of the Four Black Kings the XIII supported the Witch King of Dol-Nur, who will be defeated, which will mean a temporary disband of the XIII legion at the 2539 a.a.H., but reconstituted shortly afterwards under the name of Dark Legion XIII Starkhua at the 2540 a.a.H, after a political re-estructuration of the command, according to the will of the winner of the demonic civil war, Anutkahook.

Third War of the PowerEdit

The XIII Legion will take part in the campaigns in Aels during the Third War of the Power, at least until the Cataclysm. The cataclysm whipped out all of the demons that once ruled with a iron fist as well. When this apocalypse arose, the XIII legion were whipped out. Even the once powerful and unstopable Masked Army General: He with half of his legion were gone!

Only a few relics were left behind, that every one forgot about. A handful of ozcuras survived but not for long.


there were three relics that survived the cataclysm of the once great and powrful XIII legion.

  1. Legend tells of the helmet of Army General which was actually found, though it was lost once more when the nukes rained down on aiers
  2. The staff of Army General, which was found as well. It was found in a cavern underneath Aels. Just like the Helmet it was lost once more by the nukes.
  3. The Gauntlet of Army General, this one was actually never found, and still will never be found.
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