Dautus Lihtan, the "Death of Light" was short lived dark cult dedicated to a dark lord of shadows, Ntishic, being led by the Dark priestess Alataxia. Created after The Cataclysm at the 2677, it lasted eleven years until the 2688 a.a.H, when in a ritual to release Ntishic, the cultists committed mass suicide.

History Edit

After the sudden end of the Third War of the Power and the apocalyptic events that will be later known as The Cataclysm, many of the former followers of the Dark Legion of Demons, headless in a chaotic world, seeked stability and the return of their lost demon-gods masters.

Preying on this, a woman called Alataxia, self-proclaimed prophet will rise the Cult of the Death of Light, seeking the return of Ntishic, Lord of Shadows.

At first, the Cult quickly expanded, raising an raiding army that was vent on conquest to procure sacrifices for the return of the demons, but as their efforts leaded to nothing, many grow despondent, with further internal conflicts and fragmentation.

Alataxia, seeing her grip over the cult slipping with further heterodoxy, she decided to do a great ritual to awaken the trapped god: she saw the mass suicide as the only way to unite and end the madness in which the cult was falling to.

Following her ritual, the cultists committed mass suicide: however, as she was all alone and her acolytes lay dead around her, she realized it was all for nothing and descended further into madness.

Ntishic, Lord of Shadows Edit

According to the myths of Dautus Lihtan, Ntishic actual presence wasn't there but was manifested itself through sorcery implanted into gifted individuals, led by the Dark Priestess Alataxia.

In the myths of Dautus Lihtan, Ntishic was once a human warrior who fell upon dark sorcery after being the sole survivor of a terrible battle. In desperation for vengeance he came upon this in an abandoned civilization thought to have gone extinct from the power from deep within Aiers, but it consumed him and buried him beneath Aiers but not his power: then he cannot physically come back but his essence drew individuals from all over, those who have been wronged or traumatized and see no angle but to become living nightmares.

The hope of the cult was to grow in size and knowledge as to find a way to break the seals and unleash the darkness across the continents and led by the Dark Priestess Alataxia, zealots and cultists came in by dozens a week.

They resided in the broken lands of where Ntishic was supposed to be confined, still able to harvest and sustain themselves as they could venture out whether they harvested their own or take what they could.

The cult itself was utterly dedicated to the former man they worship as a god, and with a religious hierarchy that didn't discriminated between man and woman.

Multiple tongues were spoken in the cult. Particularly gifted warriors and assassins were also put in elevated positions if not willingly going for the opportunity to harbor the essence of the dark god himself, with varying degrees of success or failure

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