The Goat Kingdom of Dbejor was a demonic realm in eastern Polforia, Aels.

It was ruled by the Demon-Goat King Guildarmash:

Guildarmash, a secondary demon lieautenant, was tasked during the Kanovhook wars to conquer the region of Dbejor: to do so he created the Uniox goatmen: after the defeat of the Kanovs of Dbejor, he will become lord of the region.

After the First War of the Power, set in distant eastern Polforia, away from the Polforian states of the humans and grey elves, he will proclaim the Kingdom of Dbejor, becoming himself a king: The Kingdom of Dbejor was one of the Remnants of the Dark Legion.

The population of the kingdow was of Uniox, Ozcuras, later Hattak as well, demons and Kanovs, among others.

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