Since the Apparition of Demons at the 1365 a.a.H in Mount Satanmet on the Demonatch island, the demons began to expand the demonic religion, centered around the worshipping of the great demon lords as living gods.

The Demon Cults, in difference to the Demonic Religion -the religion of the demons-, or the Dark Legion sponsored religions along the Confederation of Free Peoples, doesn't refer to the cults of the demons, but the cults centered in the worship of demons.

History Edit

Human Demon Cults Edit

The First Demon Cults among humans existed since before the Apparition of Demons, being unknown their origin, but they hailed mostly from the Christian traditions about demonology, than of the later aierian demons: When the Demons first appeared, they claimed that the prophecies were being fulfilled: However, the same "demons" took the name and their appearance precisely mostly from the aelian Christian traditions and demonology, to use as a weapon of terror.

After the fall of Demonatch and in the collective hysteria that followed, appeared many new demonic cults in the Empire of the Librarians of Dume: while the Dumian Empire saw itself as religious tolerant, criminal actions and the fear of the demon cultists acting as a fifth column, will lead to the prosecution of the demon cultists.

Demon Cults in the BarlansEdit

Demon Cults in the Five Kingdoms Edit

By the Campaign of Sargos of the 2440 a.a.H, during the Second War of the Power, as the armies of the Dark Legion of Demons advanced over Degoland and the armies of the king of Sargos-Degoland retreated to the western bank of the Osorio -preparing to what will be the Battle of the plains of Sargos-, as nobles, knights, clergy and municipal authorities largely escaped, in some cities and villages was seen the phenomena of some demonic cults coming out of their clandestine cover, either attempting to take out personal vengeances, celebrate the seeming victory of the demons or, in fewer but more emblematic cases, trying to organize some municipalities to hand them over to the advancing demon armies, hoping to achieve in such way a privileged place in the new order of the demons. In many cases, as a form of opportunism, fearing the consequences of demonic invasion, many will claim to have been part of a demonic cult, to avoid death, pillaging or slavery.

In most of these cases, the attempts of true or fake demon cultists will be ill-fated, as these demonic cults, lacking an official recognition of the Dark Legion, were seen as just other humans. While in some places was achieved a form of cooperation, after the Battle of the plains of Sargos and the hasty retreat of the surviving forces of the Dark Legion, the human demon cultists largely tried to hide in the hills and forests, or plea for forgiveness to the church, claiming they were under spells and curses of demons, or were forced to do so.

Kanov Demon Cults Edit

Kanov Demon Cults in Polforia, Demon cults as a reason for the clashes in Polforia between Kanovs and Demons.

Kanov Demon Cults in Kanovait, Gorbegea and the Barlans.

Elven Demon Cults Edit

Demon Cults of the Blood Elves Edit

Demon Cults in the Drow Cities Edit

Demon cults in Ched'Nasan, Ched'el'Sulho, V'Elddrins, Cavrest and Dungeandar drow cities. Alliances between Drow and demons.

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