Satanmet and demonach by Shabazik

Demonatch, the island sits south of Aels in the Sea of Caritz, between Aels and Zarhuy. The mountain of Satanmet looming over the island and the straits around the island

Demonatch was an island in the Caritz Sea in south Aels. The most important landmark was the Mount Satanmet, having a typical caritzian climate.

Being in a strategic position between Zarhuy, Aels and Hieyoks, it was a host of colonies of many nations and peoples and the island frequently changed hands, having numerous names in its long history.

The name of Demonatch is because there, in Mount Satanmet, will appear for the first time the Demons. From this early demonic rule of the island, come the name of "Demonatch", which will last until The Cataclysm.

History Edit

The Watchers of Hellsgate Edit

After the First War of the Power, as was chosen Mount Satanmet to be the prison to keep the Soul Stones of the Bazrrod demon lords: to keep watch on them was formed the Sovereign Order of the Watchers of Hellsgate, which as vassals of the Unlic Empire of Uslen would rule over the island from the 2.227 to the 2.434 a.a.H

The Demonic Kingdom of Demonatch Edit

As result of the expedition of the Witch King of Dol-Nur, that defeated and disbanded the last remnants of the Order of the Watchers of Hellsgate, they will found a demonic realm of what had been the prison of the Great Demon Lords.

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