A Demonic Dark legion (from Dumian legio "military levy, conscription", from legere "to choose") normally indicates the basic demonic army unit recruited from demons, demons servers and vassals. Allied armies weren't counted as dark legions, and had their own organization. The demons adopted this military organization from their enemies, the Dumian Empire. The organization of legions varied greatly over time but they were typically composed of up to 6,000 soldiers, thought some units had as few as 2,000 soldiers, and the largest formations up to 21,000, but these where exceptions rather than rules.

In reference to the early Dark Legion (as opposed to the Dark Legion or demonic empire), "the legion" means the entire demonic army.

For most of the Early and First Dark Legion period, the legions were a part of the demonic army and formed its elite heavy infantry, recruited from demons and their closer servants. Each legion always included a small mounted attachment. The Demonic army (for most of the Early and First Dark Legion) consisted mostly of "auxiliary" armies of allies and vassals, who provided additional infantry, and the vast majority of the Demonic army's cavalry and mounted forces.

See List of Dark Legions for a catalogue of known Early, First and  Reunified Dark Legions, with dates in existence, emblem and locations of deployment.

Overview of typical organization & strengthEdit

Because dark legions were not standing units until the Satmanian Reforms (2183 a.a.H) and were instead created, used, and disbanded again, several hundred legions were named and numbered throughout Demonic history. To date, about 666 have been identified. In the time of the Early Dark Legion, there were usually about 66 permanent standing legions, which due the casualties of demons will be reduced to some 25-35 at the end of the Dumian Wars and beginning of the Kanovhook wars, during which, due the creation of new servants and addition of new vassals, their number will expand.

A legion consisted of several regiments of heavy infantry. It was almost always accompanied by one or more attached units of auxiliares, who were demonic allies and vassals and provided cavalry, ranged troops and skirmishers to complement the legion's heavy infantry.  However later, with the expansion of dark legions during the Kanovhook wars, there will be legions in which instead of heavy infantry, they will be compossed of light infantry instead -as in units where ozcuras grey orcs and other goblinoids predominated.

The size of a typical legion varied throughout the history of the demonic empire, with complements of 4,200 legionaries and 300 riders in the early dark legion, to 6,000 troopers after the Satmanian reforms.

There would be thought some demonic legions larger, from Tok-Thoria (some Tok-Thorian legions had up to 14,000 and 21,000 black orcs), and during the third war of the power, where many legions had a manpower of around 8,000.


Early Dark LegionEdit

Polforian Dark LegionEdit

Reunified Dark LegionEdit

The dark legion had a large variety of military personnel. They first started off by using alliances and mercenaries, until the Second war of power

Military forces used during the First War of PowerEdit

Elf Drow mercenary

A Negeémi Drow elf mercenary/soldier the Dark Legion would have employed in the First War of the Power

The Confederation of the Free Peoples presented itself as one of the last resources by the non-human races to face the human expansion that seemed so far impossible to stop until then. During the First War of the Power, the demonic dark legions conformed the core of the forces of the Confederation of Free peoples, but auxiliary forces of allies, vassals and mercenaries were the majority during this war. As the war advanced and the balance of power shifted to the Military of the Whide Axis, many of these auxiliary forces deserted, or even changed sides during the war.

The Dark Legions were composed by:

The Auxiliary forces and armies of the Dark Legion were:

Military forces used during the Second War of PowerEdit

Orc Ozcura warrior

Ozcura warrior from Entartea

After the reunification of the remnants of the Demonic Dark Legion after the liberation from the exile of the Great Demon Lords, the Confederation of Free Peoples tried to rely less in vassals, mercenaries and allied armies, expanding the force and strength of the legions. However as well during this time, the demons will have a policy of extending the Confederation of Free Peoples outside of Aels, expanding the dark legion with new allies and members in Hieyoks and in a lesser level, in Zarhuy.

The creations and followers consisted of:

Orc Kaiehm warrior

Orc follower

The demons of the dark legion were:

With the expansion of the Confederation of Free Peoples, particularly in looking to allies in Hieyoks and Ushaenor, to the existing allies and vassals joined: