Derei was a spa and border town in North Degoland, in the northern shores of Lake Del Rey. Derei was the residence of Aleks I of the Weseuros, and later the coronation place for the Degolandic kings -being one of the residences of the kings-.

Around the 2000 a.a.H, as the court of Degoland settled, it will come to be the summer residence of the Kings and the Capital of the Realm -until the Degoland-Sargos Union-

However, it was never the largest city of Degoland, and while it controlled a mountain pass to trade with Huncle in Oster Gate, some critized how it was too far in the north of the realm and too close to the Kanov controlled highlands of the Mount Angards.

During the First War of the Power, was the first capital of the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest to be conquered.

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