Elf Desertriender Infantry

Desert elf infantry soldier, serving the Caliphate of Blazakhov.

C Ü C E Deserto hyacinthis elvii  

Race:Desert Elf 

Class: Dark Elf

Specie: Elf  

Other names: Desert Elf, Desert Raider, Zarhuykan zulei, cüce, peri, cin gibi çocuk, ufak tefekkimse, yaramaz çocuk 

 Allegiance: Independent tribes, Caliphate of Blazakhov

Desert ElfEdit

The Desert Elves are a race of Zuleis dark elves who lived in northern Zarhuy and southwestern Hieyoks.  

The origin of the Desert elves are during the Age of Invasions, at the end of the Elf Age of Hegemony, when their lands were invaded by the Kanov and humans.  

In their expansion, most of the Zuleis of Aels and Zarhuy where subjugated, expelled from the more fertile lands and marginalized to the highlands, steppes and deserts, facing an uncertain destiny or cultural assimilation. 

While some remained loyal to their original costumes, fashion and culture, exiled in the borders of the habitablelands, many adapted. While the aelian Zuleis, conquered by Christian human groups, there was an effort-who oftenproved very difficult- to convert them to the Christian faith: The ones who did so-either in catholic or orthodox Christian faith-, became the Flairie elfs, meanwhile the Zarhuykan zuleis elves, who converted to the Islam-under Kanov Muslim rule- became known as desert elves.  

The desert elves were called that, because they lived in the desert areas -mostly, due to the previous action of humans and kanov, who expelled them from their lands-, becoming semi-nomadic and nomads, living from raising cattle -and raiding caravans,a reason they were called "desert raiders"-. 

However, along with the nomads, there existed urban settlements, and as well, settlements and villages in human or Kanov lands.  

The Zarhuykan Zuleis did become highly adapted to the hostile desert environments of northern Zarhuy and southwestern Hieyoks, and they gained renown, aside as bandits, as a very well trained corps of soldiers serving the Caliphate of the Orange Sun, Blazakhov.  

The desert elves often here antagonists of the descendants of the enemies of their Zuleis forefathers, the descendants of the destroyed High Elf kingdoms: the Sand Elfs