The Destructor is a class of Battlestation from the EUS -United States of Spotzen-, being the largest spaceship deployed by the Allies during the Ots War (3391-3443 a.a.H).

The term to clasiffy the Destructor -Battlestation-, however is discussed, as unlike the stationary, orbital battlestations or the battlemoons, it had more in common with a super-heavy Battleship.

Not even in the EUS military there was clarity on the classiffication, as will be called alternative a Battlestation, a Battlemoon, a Cronos-Class and a super-heavy battleship, super-frotress or -from where come they name- a World Destroyer -.

These kind of Battlestations, named sometimes Cronos-Class Battlestations -as a difference from the orbital battlestations- originated in the Norodor Empire ambitious proyect of the Cronos, which will be followed by the Cronos II and the Cronos III, but such large and costly battlestations, that only they fielded one of them each time, and only after the destruction of one Cronos, they builded the next one.

Each Cronos was completely different from the previous one, and will be the EUS the ones to introduce an industrial production of Cronos-Class battlestations, with the Destructor.

After this, as a response to the Destructor and the Cronos, the EAN (Nutk Autocratic States) will develope the Hcuna Cronos-Class for their Unified Nutk Fleets (FUN), and in response to the Hcuna -the largest of all the Cronos-Class Battlestations-, the Norodor Empire will develope a mass-production, scaled down version of the Cronos.

The Cronos-Class battlestations where over 3 km long -the Destructor was 3km long, in a cross-like configuration with a ring in the middle-.

During all the Ots War, The Norodor Empire will build 51 Cronos-Class, the EAN 9 Hcuna-Class -of these, 3 where never finished before the end of the war- and the EUS 48 Drestructor-Class.

Other nations didn't developed Cronos-Class Battlestations, as they considered that the operational costs, mainteneance and use of these titans wasn't cost effective.

After the Ots War, by treaty was scrapped the only surviving Hcuna-Class of the EAN, and the Norodor Empire surviving 12 Cronos-Class will be reduced to 3. The EUS, part of the victorious alliance, however, will as well began to get rid of the Destructor-Class fleet, as was considerous a superfluous expenditure with the military expenses cuts and the economic crisis, being most of the survibing Destructores scrapped or left in depots.

However, the last Destructor-Class Battlestations will live a last moment of glory after the Ots War, when they where put back in active service for the Devart Sector War (or known as well as the Goeliathian Wars), as for the distances the EUS, with their involvement, used them to extend their operational reach, taking part in the Battle of Terra, where they will encounter, aside of the colonists forces, the extra-otsarian forces of the Laughing Swarm.

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