A Din'Ith or Il'dinith was governmental position of varying importance among the Negeémi Drow, typically refering to a commoner civil officer of various degrees of importance, in charge of managing burgh affairs and rural estates and, on a local level, customarily administered justice.

This was one of the few political positions that could be held by a commoner, as often in the case of smaller settlements there weren't Acolytes of Negeé -who normally exerted the political and religious power-, or the acolytal families were absentee landowners, they served as a voice of the community, while a stewardess fared the taxation and fiscal incomes for the acolytes and the Negeémi state.

The Din'Ith was chosen among the matrons of the houses of the settlement, but only upon approbation of the Cult of Negeé and the Negeémi state could begin her functions.

While normally an office hold by commoners, Acolytes, too, could be Din'Ith -and normally if one was available, was chosen by the matrons of the houses-.

Humans observers of the system equaled the Din'Ith alternatively with a mayor, a counselor or a provost -or in a feminine form, provostess-

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