Doroz elven lady by shabazik-d5ml72n

An eastern Hieyoks Doroz lady

D O R O Z Minor elvii

Race: Doroz

Class: Light Elf

Species: Elf

Other names: Dorozniev, The Cursed, Minor Elfs, Lesser elfs, useless elfs, insignificant elfs, shitty elfs, sick elfs, maimed elfs, exiled elfs, magicless elves, etc.

Allegiance: Independent tribes, Whide Axis

Doroz DescriptionEdit

The Doroz are a race of Rossnes light elves -and as well some dark elves- who lived in central and North Aels, and were especially numerous in Hieyoks. Doroz elves almost always have white hair and yellow eyes, with skin lighter than the races they originated from, as the condition of the Doroz is the result of a virus that has genetically altered their elven genomes from their forebears.

Hence the Doroz have skin that ranges from colorless white to milky grey or light blue or tan depending upon the race of the parents of the Doroz. Their body build varies accordingly, but as most Doroz originated from Rossnes elves, many are quite tall and even sturdy and strong despite a reputation for sickliness.

Indeed, the Doroz do get sick quite often relative to other elves. They have been stripped of their aura magic, by their parents suffering the "Doroz disease", and no longer have the immunities and resistances to disease that other elves enjoy. They also only live about a third as long as other elves, their natural lifespan almost never going much beyond 300 years, as opposed to other elves theoretically capable of sometimes living beyond a thousand years.

Doroz HistoryEdit

The origin of the Doroz, or cursed elves, can be found only during the violent end of the age of elven Hegemony, with the apparition of the Kanovs and humans, in the wave of migrations and invasions in what would be later known as the Age of Invasions, which meant the decadence and fall of most of the colonies and kingdoms of the High elves in Aels, Zarhuy and Hieyoks.

However, the difference from other elven groups that originated from the fall of the overseas high elf lands due to the invasions -as the Grey, Blood, Sand and wild elves, remnants of fallen kingdoms, or the Im'Salanos, bastard sons and daughters of elves and invaders- the origin of the Doroz elves is from a disease.

For the elves, sickness was almost unknown: While other species suffered from plagues and diseases that killed hundreds and thousands of them, the few elves who even get a minor disease was only an annoyance, rather than a danger.

For the High elves, this was clearly a way of the gods to tell them that the Elf-kind was of a divine nature, chosen by the gods themselves...

At least, this was like this until the violent end of the Late Elfic Age.

While the origins of the Curse of the Doroz, or as simply known first as the Plague by the elves, was really unknown, it originated in Zarhuy, after the first contacts between the elves and the Kanovs and the humans.

While the High elves noticed that as other "animals" -like the orcs and beastmen- the kanovs and humans as well get diseases... another sign, that the elves -and especially the High Elves- were the chosen children of the gods to rule Aiers.

And when the Age of Invasions begun, with the human migrations that triggered the migratory movements of many displaced peoples, and into the high elf kingdoms, and then, they were hit by the plague.

Never having to face a plague before, this new enemy -along with the invasions and fall of their kingdoms in Zarhuy, Hieyoks and Aels, the Age of Invasions became an apocalyptic era for the elves, with their records, alarmed, telling about the end of the times.

Is difficult to be sure, but some high elf accounts say that almost half or two-thirds of all the elves that get the Curse of the Doroz died: Some say, about one-third of the elves of Aels, Zarhuy and Hieyoks died during the Age of Invasions, by the plague or the wars of that dark age for the Elfkind...

But for the survivors, it was not over, as the elves who survived the plague didn't appear to have any consequences, but when they had sons and daughters, something weird was noted.

The children of the cursed had golden eyes and white hair... and no magic, and as years passed, it was seen that they lived only one third as long as a normal elf, getting sick like humans, kanov, dwarves and orcs do...

They were the Doroz, the "lesser elves".

At first, they were feared by their parents and the other elves... and as a Doroz can have as children only doroz, being a hereditary disease, in Zarhuy and Aels they become pariahs, exiled from their societies who feared them. As well, elves, fearing their children to be Doroz -or noticing that they were so- began to do some practices never used by elves before -as abortion, infanticide of Doroz children-, aside from exile or exclusion of the Doroz from their communities.

The plague (or curse) of the Doroz entered into recession, but never again disappeared, and each few generations it will hit elf-kind again.

In Zarhuy and Aels, the Doroz were in general few in numbers, and exiled, the options for them was to settle down along communities of other species (such as Dwarfs, humans, Kanov, Draak Harg, among others) or found their own settlements or Doroz Quarters, if they had enough numbers, but being in general a marginal group.

Meanwhile in Hieyoks, where the Plague hit with more virulence, the Doroz constituted an important part of the elven population, and being a hereditary condition, they created their own Doroz nations and tribes.

Much of the culture of these Doroz tribes and nations depended of their ancestors' cultures, and later, of interaction with Kanov and humans, existing sedentary, agricultural and urban Doroz nations in the west of Hieyoks, while others were dedicated to livestock and were nomadic -mostly in eastern Hieyoks.

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