Draaki are a large group of reptile folk and animals that include dragons, dragon folk, lizard folk, amphibian folk, and dinosaur-like animals.

The Five FamiliesEdit

The Draaki are too varied to describe collectively save that they all have reptilian characteristics. Even within each family, every race or species of animal might differ considerably from the other. The Draaki are actually very far divergent from each other, even if it would be tempting to dismiss them as "reptile beings". As said, some are the mighty dragons, or inhabitants of civilizations, while others are animals.

Among the Draaki -Dragons-, there are five main families: Draaks (Dragons), Draak Harg (Dragon-men), Siggos (lizard-men), Aminiotas (amphibious-men) and Dragonids.

Draaks (Dragons)Edit

The Dragons are creatures of Aiers typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, some winged and some wingless, with some being capable of breathing fire, poisonous air or ice, having extensive inherent magic attributes, existing many types of different dragons:

Aside of their physical characteristics, the great dragons themselves divided their kind in three: Worms, Dragons and Great Dragons.


The Worms -a descriptive name- are the animal-dragons: instinctive creatures with an animal intelligence.

Draaks (main group)Edit

A Dragon (Draak) is an intelligent dragon, but who can't speak.

Great DragonsEdit

The Great Dragons, Dragon Lords or Wise Dragons are the larger, more intelligent dragons, great manipulators of maná, who can speak and live centuries. As well, the great dragons get easily offended if they are confused with other types of dragons.

  • Great Dragons (Main) -- Great dragons with wings and flight
  • Great Dragon Wyrms -- Great dragons without wings, shoulder spikes where wings would be. Not to be mistaken for the simple animal-like Worms

Draak Harg (Dragon Folk)Edit

Among the Draak Harg family, there were different groups: the Draak Harg, Draakans, Draakly and Annash, and for the untrained eyes, they looked alike, and as well, looked similar to the Siggos.

However, while the Siggos live expectancy was of some 60 years, the one of Draak Harg was around 600 years. As well, there were several differences.

Dragon peoples from aiers by shabazik-d4h37sh

The Five Families of Draaki

Draak Harg (main group)Edit




Demon ServersEdit

Siggos (Lizard Folk)Edit

Siggos (main group)Edit



Aminiotas (Amphibian Folk)Edit




Kobolds no longer belong under this category, and have been established as being creations of the demon prince Satman.


Dragonids (Dinosaurs)Edit





The origins of this group can only be speculated about, but were surely the result of experimentation of the mysterious world builder race that inhabited Aiers IV some hundreds of thousands of years previously.

It is said, the Great Dragons created the dragon men -Draak Harg- in their appearance as their servants, as demons created servants for themselves, but this isn't for sure.

The intelligent draaki have been competitors and contributors to the interaction of races and species of Aiers throughout history, but seem to have long been hobbled by low numbers. The Dragonid types have been useful as large prey animals or as important beasts of burden.

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