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A Hadrasaurid type dragonid in use

A Dragonid or often Kazaak is a name for a number of active reptile animals inhabiting Aiers IV. Often large animals of strength and endurance, they were commonly seen animals and were very often put to work in similar capacities as horses or other large beasts of burden.

Dragonids as DinosaursEdit

Despite their name, they are not actually dragons, they are wingless, only have animal intelligence, and do not breathe fire or generate "magic" fields about their bodies as dragons do.

  • Note: To speak plainly, the various dragonid animals correspond to classes of "dinosaurs". Mostly "pygmy" sized and with many morphological differences, but fairly recognizable and not far removed from dinosaurs as found on earth and have the build and columnar legs of dinosaurs.

Ectothermic or Endothermic?Edit

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In the background: a Sauropod type Dragonid in heavy Use

"Warm" or "Cold" bloodedness has not been firmly established, but dragonids have been seen in many multiple environments that range from the fantastic to contemporary. They have been found to endure high and low desert temperatures. Much use has been made of them in the underworld of Kazrrad, but the temperature of Kazrrad would seem to be largely warm or temperate. There is also no solid evidence of the dragonids living in higher, even polar, altitudes as dinosaurs have been established as having done.

The dragonids receive much use in the continent of Zarhuy by the various peoples who live there. It has been speculated that they are bio-chemically more efficient than mammals of equivalent size and strength, making the dragonids less sensitive to high temperatures and a certain scarcity of water and food. Very large dragonids have been used to transport heavy dwarven wagons in caravans across most of the length of the southern Zarhuy continent. Much movement is done at night, so it would appear that the dragonids are not unduly slowed by colder, desert and plains temperatures, not that most places on Zarhuy get very cold.

Types of Dragonids and Their UseEdit

So far, there have been three types of dragonids depicted in the world of Aiers. They have not been completely specifically named and categorized, with the exception of the carnivorous, bipedal Kazaaks. For the purposes of this page, dinosaur terms will be used for the remaining two known major categorizations.

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Negeémi Drow Cavalry Mount is a Kazaak type Dragonid

Category -- Dinosaur Species Most Like -- Description and Humanoid Use

  • Hadrosaurids -- A dwarf version of "Kritosaurus?" -- Generally a quadruped, grass eating, larger and stronger than a horse, used as a draft animal. The Wild elf people, Antorian Orcs, and probably the High elves of Vanilion made use of them.
  • Sauropods -- A dwarf version of "Camarasaurus" -- Long necked, massive, of greater than elephant sized animal. Used as heavy draft animal for hauling heavy wagons. Used by dwarves such as the Farian duergar to haul heavy loads or the defensive "war wagons" on trading routes down and up the Zarhuy continent.
  • Kazaaks -- A sort of "Utahsaurus" -- A bipedal, carnivorous dinosaur, long, grasping front limbs. Large enough to ride, commonly seen used as mounted cavalry, like horses. This type got much use among various diverse peoples, such as the Drow of Negeémiliel, or the Kanov of the Caliphate of Blazakhov.

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