The Drysetus was a small patriarchal nomadic centaur tribe in the steppes of Hieyoks near the Sea of Tok. Simply organized in small wandering bands, they identified themselves as members of the larger Drysetus tribe, that shared common ancestors.

Hunters and warriors, since young the Centaurs learnt how to use bow and sling. They were Hunter-gatherers, and while centaurs are originally vegetarians, they had become adaptive omnivores to not throw away anything of what they hunted –but largely they hunted for using hides, bones and trade-.

Later, they will learn to raise cattle.

The Drysetus centaurs were traditional enemies of the Minotaur Bullhorn Tribal Federation, who competed with them for grazing lands and hunted them for their hides and as slaves.

Creator Edit

The Drysetus Centaur Tribe was created by the deviantart user Armygeneral13, Joshua Starkloff, for the Contest : the Forgotten Lands

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