Maximal extension of the Dumian Empire

The city of Dume was the Capital of the Dumian Empire, as well known as the Empire of the Librarians, Librarian Empire or the Empire of the Keepers of Knowledge.

The Empire of the Librarians sought to rebuild and retake the lost knowledge and magic of the Humans, to return to the stars from where they came.

Ancient Dume was an Aelian human civilization that began on the Dol-Sorne Peninsula -later called Dumia due Dume- as early as the 447 a.a.H. Located along the Caritz Sea and centered on the city of Dume, it expanded to become one of the largest human empires of the Age of Invasions.

In its approximately twelve centuries of existence, the Dumian civilization shifted from the rule of the Librarians to a Republic and then to an increasingly autocratic empire. Through conquest and assimilation, it came to dominate the shores of the sea of Caritz in southern Aels and Northern Zarhuy, with a sporadic presence in westernHieyoks on the Tok Sea. Dume was preponderant throughout the Caritz region and will be one of the most powerful entities in its time.

Ancient Dumian society largely wanted to recover the lost knowledge of humans, and was crucial to save much of the half-forgotten Tekkno-loki and human traditions of the Sky Age, saving traditional human knowledge of government, law, politics, engineering, art, literature, technology, warfare, religion, language and society, which they will leave to their successors and modern states, which meant a continuation of the cultural traditions of mankind.

Thanks to the study of the Librarians and the Tekkno-Loki human magic, Dume will come to be highly developed for its time, as they tried to replicate Sky Age humans technological and architectural feats. 

By the end of the Republic, Dume had conquered most of the lands around the Caritz and beyond, when was instituted the Empire. 

While as an empire it will reach its territorial peak, the Dumian institutions were decaying and the empire will be plagued by internal instability and was attacked by various migrating peoples and the Early Dark Legion of Demons, which made the emperors decide to divide the empire between Southern and Northern halves.

the city of Dume, in the northern half, will fall at the 1676 a.a.H, while the southern Half will come to be the Unlic Empire of Uslen.

Historical Timeline[edit | edit source]

The City of Dume will be founded at the year 447 a.a.H in the Dol-Sorne peninsula.

  • 447 Foundation of Dume, in Dumia.
  • 691 Republic of Dume
  • 807 Expansion of Dume in Dumia
  • 888 Dume began to build Highways
  • 936 First Blazik War (Dume-Blazakhov).
  • 960 End of the First Blazik War. Dume conquers the islands of Caritz from Blazakhov.
  • 978 Dume conquest of Hannoian
  • 981 Attack of the Dume allies in Mannsotoh, beginning of the Second Blazik War (Dume-Blazakhov)
  • 988 Conquest of Purpurian by Dume
  • 995 First Uslen-Dume war.
  • 1.003 Second Uslen-Dume war.
  • 1.006 End of the Second Blazik War. Blazakhov lost the colonies in Nohalion
  • 1.054 War of Uslen, destruction and sack of Titipopolis, conquest of all Uslen by Dume.
  • 1.054 Beginning of the Third Blazik War. Blazakhov attack the Dume colonies in Zarhuy. Conquest of Blazakhov and Cargass by Dume.
  • 1.074 Dume make colonies in the decadent Farsian Empire.
  • 1.082 Dume Colonies in Moritania and Sretor.
  • 1.112 Rebellions of the Allies of the Republic of Dume.
  • 1.127 Rebellions of slaves and subyugates populations against Dume.
  • 1.150 Conquest of Enkel by Dume
  • 1.173 Empire of Dume.
  • 1.297 Barbarians of the Prairies attack the Vakusta Empire from east, as well Dumans from the west.
  • 1.317 maximal expansion of the Dume Empire under Emperor Currano.
  • 1.365 Apparition of the Daimons in the Mount Satanmet, Destruction of the cities and nations in the island of Demonatch
  • 1.400 The Daimon legions began constant attacks over the Dumian Empire, in what will be a series of wars
  • 1.412 Extension of the right of citizenship in the Dume Empire to all the inhabitants of every species. Beginning of decadence of Dume
  • 1.486 Division of the Dume Empire between North and South Empire
  • 1.500 unable to defeat the Dumian Empire from the south, the daimons advance to the north of Aels
  • 1.512 War of the Four Emperators of Dume
  • 1.514 Christianity, official religion of the Dumian Empire
  • 1.540 Without the Vakkusta Empire as pillow state, the borders of the Northern Dumian Empire are attacked by "barbarians, monsters and demons"
  • 1.560 Blazakhov became independent from Dume Empire, and began to rise again as a power
  • 1.651 battle of the Hannian fields. The Dumian and allies defeat a Daimon invasion.
  • 1.676 Fall of Dume, Capital of the Dumian Empire, under the attack of the Dark Legion

Culture[edit | edit source]

Language[edit | edit source]

It seems, the Dumian native language wasn't one, but a collection of languages and dialects, but up to the need to unify under a language a diverse society, was used two Sky-Age languages: for the Librarian elite, a scholarly, formal language -the language later called the Dumian- and another for the common peoples, the Esperando.

​Religion[edit | edit source]

The Cult of Zsience, Prophet of the Tekkno-Loki[edit | edit source]

In the first age of Dume, during the rule of the Librarians, the city of Dume was proudly defined by the Librarians as an agnostic -sometimes atheist- society, where there were no gods or religion, as Dume was ruled by reason and Tekkno-loki knowledge. However, their initial, ferocious anti-religion stand will come to produce internal clashes and conflicts, which will force the last librarians -and the early Dumian Republic- to introduce laws that guaranteed the free exercise of religion, but as well forbade the Librarians or later Republican government from passing laws respecting its establishment -a prohibition that was made to ensure the continued religion-less characteristic of Dume-.

However with time, the ideal of the ancients -agnosticism- and their reverence to reason and Tekkno-loki will come to be a state-promoted cult, the Cult of Zsience. The Cult of Zsience was a later reinterpretation of the worshipping of logic, reason and knowledge: They were supposedly teachings of a prophet -called Zsience-, who was credited with revealing the Tekkno-loki using what was called Zsientific knowledge. 

The Cult of Zsience, to interpret the revealed truths and re-discover Tekkno-loki used a dogmatic study of their faith they called the Zsientific Method, which was a body of techniques for investigating the divine Tekkno-loki phenomena, acquiring new zsientific knowledge or correcting and integrating previously revealed knowledge by Prophet Zsience.

This method consisted in the systematic observation, measurement and experimentation, and the formulation, testing and modification of the called Hyp Otheses, revealed truths by Zsience to his priests.

For long, the Cult of Zsience will be the most common religion practiced in the Dumian Empire, but other religions were still allowed, as long they didn't contradict the Zsientific dogma of the state.

Dumian Christianity[edit | edit source]

However, the stagnation of the re-discovery of the Sky Age divine Tekkno-loki will bring a new religious crisis in the times of the Dumian Empire, as the Cult of Zsience lost power.

New religions were founded, as well as many 'millennial' sects. Other, non-human religions -primary elven- were imported, but finally, the ones which would be most successful will be the ancient Sky-Age human religions, that were closer to the Dumian desire of returning to the ancient human state of the Sky-Age and the Tekkno-loki.

These Sky-Age ancient religions -as Christianity- existed since the sky age, and will continue after the Apparition of Humanity, extending with the different human peoples in their expansion after the Fall of Eden, but divided into many tribes, it was almost unrecognizable before the Dumian Librarians -and later, Dumian Republicans-, who, despite their anti-religious stance, "reconstructed and purified" Christianity to its original Sky-Age status, part of their permanent search for re-building the glorious human past of the Sky Age, using Sky-Age texts and documentation-.

As these religions tended spiritual needs of the Dumians, the more successful one will be the Dumian Christianity: However, the Imperial Zsientific State will attempt to resist the advance of Christianity, and it would only be the 'Apparition of the Demons' -recognized and called demons by the Christian church, to strengthen their own position- that Christianity will become widespread, and will finally become the imperial state cult at the 1514 a.a.H.

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