Dumia was the expression used to refer to the nations of the Dumian Peninsula, after the fall of the Librarian Empire of Dume, attacked by the early dark legion.

The Dumian Peninsula has a complicated political history during the period between the collapse of the Northern Dumian Empire and the Blazakhovian invasion, which resulted in Dumia falling under foreign domination

The Dumian, after the invasions of demons, kanovs and barbarians of the Barlans, will be under the contested rule of the Hannian and Unlic Empire of Uslen, with later invasions of cruzeños during the La Cruz-Uslen war. They suffered as well rutinary invasions and raids from the kanovs of Lug, Titanizk and Iperto and the heretics of Abilia.

As a result of this, Dumia will be divided in a series of small duchies -of humans and grey elves- that shared a common culture and legacy, governed by different, competing elites -of Hannian, Cruzeños, Unlic, and Dumian human origins, and as well in some cases grey elven elites-.

After the First War of the Power will began a political development in Dumia: the transformation of the communes into powerful city states modelled on ancient Dumian Republicanism. These republics will flourish and rose to great political power, contesting the duchies: However this meant that the Dumian city states were in a state of constant warfare, adding to and overlapping with the conflict they had with the rising -since the 2350 a.a.H- Kingdom of Hannian.

With the Second War of the Power, having witnessed the great demonic invasion of Sargos of the 2440, only stopped by The Miracle of the Battle of the Plains of Sargos, they will form the so-called Dumian League, accepting the leading role of the King of Hannian.

Under Hannian leadership, they will defeat the demonic state of Abilia and participate in the Holy Wars, later joining the Holy Sargonic Empire in the 2502 a.a.H.

The precarious balance keept in times of the Holy Sargonic Empire will came to an end with Camilo VIII The Apostate and the Sargonic religious wars, as war broke up: as a result, Dumia became a battleground for the Three Emperors in their civil war, finally culminating with the invasion of the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov at the 2591 a.a.H, becoming the dominant power in Dumia until the Third War of the Power.

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