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The birth of Duncan

Duncan James Burr (Zur, 11 August 3058 - Zur, 7 July 3137) was a human zurian military and political leader who rose to prominence during the Zur Independence War, as a rebel officer, becoming the first president of the first republic of Zur.



Duncan was born the 11 August 3058 in the city of Zur, during the Calintropian wars. He was Born to Elizbeth and James Burr. In is younger days he worked for His mother and his father in a tavern in Zur.

It won't be until he was four when, He would witness the execution of his father and mother. After that The person who started the problem(David(green hat), would adopt himDavid adopted him into his family, but wanted him to keep his last him. He Had a mother and father agian!.


when he turned 14, his training to becoming a hero had ended. Now he had to face a invasion of purpurian soldiers. Luckely they advanced. due to the strong will of the rebels.During his teens days he met his future wife(now girl firend Tara).

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Ducnan and his fiance Tara

When he turned 21 his mother(marsala) died to natural causes. He also married Tara.

He then later started a quest to siege Zur, but he got shot while ambushing a Purpurian convoy. When he recovered he found him self in the hands of enemy. He was ready to be killed, but luckely for him, his 

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Before the guards came in to execute his parents for housing a rebel.

step father and his wive saved.

They then started the seige of Zur.

When it was over, Ducan was the first president of the newely democratic Zur. He made many changes to the City,until his death. 


James burr-  Elizibeth Swan



Duccan burr- Tara The strong hearted



James jr - Margret Starkloff




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Duncan Burr is a character created by Armygeneral13. 

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