Beast of war by shabazik

A Durogoon 'Beast of War'. An 'undead'Abomination that was mass produced by the Dark Legion as fearless shock troops

Duragoons were Abominations that the Demonic Dark Legion would create from the bodies of the natural creature known as the Durogon. These monsters had most of the advantages of their original base creature, with added benefits of being fearless, robotic, with magic enhanced strength and false vitality that made them all the more unstoppable and tougher than the natural animal.

Given the size, strength, toughness, and semi-handed, semi-biped nature of the Durogon base creature, Durogoons were a very common category of monster made by the Dark Legion.



As Abominations, Durogoons were made from the bodies of Durogons, with newly grown tissues replacing damage, or adding other bodily features such as bony armor, horns or extra limbs or other appendages as the demon 'Monster Crafter' desired.

Mana SparkEdit

The creature would be revitalized by a 'mana-battery', a sort of artificial Soul Shard that could be implanted in the monster, or lie in a metal collar or cuff or armor outside, magically fused to the creature's skin, for ease of switching out and replacing when expired.

Loss of SelfEdit

Durogoons lost independence and nuance of mind as monsters relative to their natural animal intelligence. They moved gracelessly, with an obedience programmed into them, but might explode in anger or mindless desperation born of pain of injury, deprivation, or decay.


The Durogoons were empowered by the mana battery that helped keep them alive, and required less water and food, their bodies had a self-renewing capability, and could keep going almost tirelessly due to the loss of mind and power of the mana spark in their batteries. They could endure great injuries and privations, far greater than the natural creatures.


Their bodies would rot with them still on their feet given horrific injuries, or a mana battery that was being exhausted. They had a frightening appearance that would become ever more horrific as they aged or otherwise were used up. In theory they could remain functioning a very long time, in actual practice, their existence would be brief as they were used as juggernaut shock troops in smashing through barriers, taking entrenched positions or breaking lines of troops.


Need for Expendable Specialty TroopsEdit

The Demonic Dark Legion was able to build huge armies of orcs and goblins and other races. However, they always needed loyal troops, or powerful specialty troops, a role that was often filled by lower level demons. However, the creation, and loss, of demon soldiers born of a Soul Shard was taxing to the Bazrrods. Such loss of demon soldiers were losses of the Bazrrod Soul Stone power that was probably gone for good. So, given this situation, they would breed and otherwise make such soldiers as they could. Hence, they created the Abominations with their ability to grow new flesh and bodies with their use of magic and science in vats.

Monster BodiesEdit

Mass produced abominations were called Monsters, and they most often came about from the recycled bodies of living creatures. Bodies of orcs, Ogres and Trolls, or animals like horses and Wargs might be used. The powerful, sloth-like natural beast called the Durogon was a natural choice for such a transformation.

Durogons as a ChoiceEdit

The natural Durogons became a war beast and tall, semi-biped mount of choice by many tribes and especially armies of Ozcura Orcs. Recycling some of these injured creatures, or otherwise selecting them to become abominations to augment them beyond their already formidable capabilities as shock troops was an expected development.

Durogoons first saw extensive use in the First War of the Power.

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